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Rugged, Reliable, Safe, Hand Held Remote Control

CM1000 Hand Held Proportional Remotes

On site, safety is paramount. In order to operate equipment in a potentially risky environment, remote control of the machine from a remote safe location, ensures the safety of the operator while enabling the operation to continue without interruption.

To safely control your mobile or fixed plant remotely, The ControlMaster® Series 1000 (CM1000) remote is the most reliable and safest handheld remote in the Australian market.

It is built to meet global remote control requirements and has the highest safety standards.

The CM1000 Hand Held is designed with two proportional paddles to improve machine control and six digital functions for additional control. The handheld transmitter battery has a life of over 10 hours continuous operation and can be fully charged in just three hours, ensuring maximum operation time.

The receiver can be interfaced into the machine control circuit and will not affect normal machine operation.

The transmitter incorporates fail to safe radio signal software control, ensures instant shutdown of outputs on communications failure between the transmitter and receiver.

The radios operate on the 900MHz band to provide an industrial, robust, line of site communications link between the transmitter and receiver for a distance of up to 200 metres. No licence is required – this is a “Free to Air” channel.