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Are your current remotes backed by local support?

Concrete Trucks and Pumps

Concrete trucks and pumps are used for transferring liquid concrete. This task requires a high degree of accuracy due to the nature of concrete and the challenges in handling the material due to its heavy, viscous, abrasive nature which also solidifies if it’s not kept moving.

Concrete trucks and pumps fitted with remotes help to maintain efficiency, safely on works sites. The pouring of concrete requires a high degree of accuracy each pour and conducting this task via remote gives the operator a better view of their surroundings eliminating the need to rely on a third party for guidance. Pumping concrete via remote control not only improves safety and efficiency; it allows operators to reduce interruptions and increase productivity which in turn saves time and money.

RCT’s industrial remote range is manufactured in Australia to meet the high standards needed to withstand the harshest conditions. Most importantly all remotes are backed by local support as RCT customer service is readily available and easily accessible.

RCT has more than 40 years in the industrial sector; providing proven solutions to help businesses with the advantage of measurable value – increased profitability, productivity, efficiency and safety.

Light weight
Fast recharge
Full proportional joysticks
Clear graphical colour display
Adaptable across all machine types
Weight with battery1.25kg
Charge time3 hours
DisplayColour 180deg viewing angle
Operating temp-15deg C to +65deg C
DimensionsH 68mm x L 77mm x W 20 mm
Operation16 Hours continuous