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Independent Guidance

The ControlMaster® Guidance system was designed to considerably reduce impact damage to the machine whilst managing to increase the general tramming speed to improve operational efficiency and productivity.

With state-of-the-art technology to assist in avoiding walls and major obstacles, it prolongs machine component life whilst keeping the machine in the optimal tramming path.

Setting a benchmark for global productivity and safety, RCT continuously looks for ways to deliver feature improvements to meet production targets. RCT has now released the Independent Guidance feature - the ultimate underground automation mining feature.

This feature is an expansion of the ControlMaster® V3 Guidance and allows the operator to set a pre-determined path that the machine will travel on without the need for the operator to control steering; letting the machines do all the work. When the path is difficult to navigate or is long in distance the Independent Guidance feature will ensure reliable repeatable tramming.

Independent Guidance takes the stress out of operating machines on narrow and difficult to navigate underground drives, resulting in less fatigue, less machine downtime, and significant gains in productivity and profitability.

V3 Guidance is real time responsive.
No Mine Map required – no setup cost for mapping/user friendly setup installation.
Increase tramming speed and size of machine operating in mine.
Independent Guidance Mode.
Guidance delivers consistant reliable machine operation continuously.
Incorporates speed control – allows machine to travel at the correct speed to suit the current mine conditions.
Not machine brand specific.
Can be fitted to new or existing machines.
Uses existing Teleremote communication system – no additional communication infrastructure required.
Fully supported by RCT’s service team globally.