30-year partnership still going strong

February 8, 2017
RCT's mobile machine control and automation solutions help to ensure operator safety while increasing productivity.

RCT’s mobile machine control and automation solutions help to ensure operator safety while increasing productivity.

RCT has had an ongoing relationship with a large underground metal mining operation, having provided mobile machine control and automation solutions at the site for more than 30 years.

Despite many challenges, the site was able to overcome them to operate a very successful mine; increasing productivity and profitability safely at the site.

Numerous projects have been undertaken throughout the companies’ long working history to ensure operator safety while maintaining or increasing productivity.

This includes:

  • The implementation of RCT’s Haul Truck Operator Assist (HTOA) system on some of the site’s Caterpillar AD60 underground articulated trucks to ensure they reversed directly under the chute perfectly every time to avoid spillages. The HTOA is a customised solution that consists of RCT’s ControlMaster® Guidance to ensure the truck autonomously makes its way in to the correct position for loading.
  • The installation of RCT’s ATX Teleremote systems on the site’s mobile rockbreakers, which sees the operator carry out the task at hand from a safe location.
  • Equipping the production fleet with ATX Teleremote systems, allowing the operator to manoeuvre the machine from a safe location.
  • Engineering a ControlMaster® portable Teleremote solution to suit a customised water truck machine project to allow the site to conduct water scaling in the extraction levels of the underground mine while keeping the operator in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Cubex drills fitted with RCT’s ATX Teleremote systems.
  • As a key technology provider, RCT have placed technical experts onsite to work closely with the site’s Automation group to provide service, support and training on the many RCT solutions and products, while providing consultation on new projects. Our technicians are backed by a 140 plus strong team providing advice and solutions to meet the demands of the mine development.

RCT is proud to have completed many successful projects at the one mine operation and continues to work together with the customer to provide solutions to help the site successfully execute the company’s automation strategies.