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Save Time and Money by Remote Control Water Fill


If filling your Water Trucks takes time the ControlMaster® Remote Water Fill is the answer.

The CM1000 Series Remote Water Fill system is purpose built for mining and industrial applications.

The flexibility of the system means it can either be a permanent fixture to the Water truck or the portable Hand held can be moved to different trucks as required.

When a truck parks at the water fill station the operator activates the Pump from the truck cab. When the fill process is completed the operator deactivates the pump from the cab and then

drives away - SIMPLE

The Handheld Transmitter has a long life battery which will last more than 24 hours.

The radios operate on the 900MHZ band to provide an industrial, robust, line of site communications link between the transmitter and receiver for a distance of up to 100 metres. No licence required – Free to Air.

The CM1000 Remote Water fill is the only way to fill your Water Trucks.

The system is simple to operate and install
12 and 24 volt installations
IP65 Enclosures
Tank full auto stop (optional)
Park brake interlock (optional)