Research & Innovation

Smart technology is an increasingly important success factor in mining and industry.

For companies who invest in technology – the right technology, for the right application – the benefits are immediate, and returns greater.

Our expert team of in-house engineers and strategic partners focus on creating sustainable value and competitive advantages for our clients.

The technical insight, combined with some of the best minds and hands-on experience in the world, RCT creates highly specialised technology for improved operations and custom projects.

The Research and Innovation Hub is dedicated to identifying value creation opportunities. We actively welcome collaborations and opportunities to work in partnership. Across operations and industries, collective efforts deliver technological advancements and create step change improvements in processes, standards, systems and tools.

With a culture of integrity, team-work and core values that reflect RCT’s commitment to performance, the Research and Innovation Hub is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible to develop the future of smart technology.

The Research and Innovation Hub engages future talent through University of Western Australia’s Co-operative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED) graduate programme.