ATX Smart Control

Reliable, tough, ergonomic workhorse for any mobile machine… anywhere!


Control for mobile equipment

The ATX is widely used across all Surface Mining equipment in all regions globally.

Better profit by remote control

The ATX is a leader in radio remote control on underground mobile equipment.

Civil, logistics, light commercial

The ATX is designed to suit all machine types and sizes.


Control for mobile equipment

ATX Smart Control is used in surface mining all over the world as the key to achieving the greatest productivity gains while reducing ongoing costs.

Available in off-the-shelf solutions as well as customised packages, ATX Smart Control is 100% compatible with all machine types and brands in a wide range of surface mining applications.

  • Dozer packages
  • Loader and excavator systems
  • Line-Of-Sight solutions (for short term remote control)
  • Integrated into an RCT control station (for long term Teleremote control)
  • Multiple machine selection
  • Full vision packages


Better profit by remote control

No matter the underground machinery you’re operating or conditions underground, the world-leading ATX Smart Control solution is your key to profit boosting productivity gains while lowering bottom line costs.

Available in Line-of-Sight and Tele/Guidance kits with Surface Multiple Machine selection now available and the ability to integrate the ATX software platform into RCT control station options, ATX Smart Control is the most advanced radio remote solution on the market.


Civil, logistics, light commercial

In the past, profit-minded managers in dangerous industrial environments struggled to find the answer to one of the most pressing business problems:

“How do I keep profit-boosting productivity up while also maximising safety?”

It’s a different story today. RCT’s ATX Smart Control is helping evolve the industrial sector. Thanks to a rugged design and universal application, the ATX1000 radio remote control device can be fitted to any industrial machine type and size, giving you full control of your mobile machine fleet in unsafe work environments.

  • Bobcats
  • Mini excavators
  • Small loaders
  • Rod handlers

With a raft of smart features, ATX Smart Control solution offers unrivalled operator comfort and safety for optimum productivity. Backed by RCT’s global support network, no wonder the ATX1000 is the best radio remote control for the industrial market.

ATX Technical


The ControlMaster® ATX2200 radio remote control device is the latest addition to RCT’s control and automation solutions range.

The ATX2200 satisfies some key remote requirements without sacrificing the RCT strong, rugged design.

A significant reduction in maintenance and servicing costs due to the simple board design ensures continuous remote reliability for remotely enabled machines across all control solutions.

  • Light Weight
  • IP65
  • International compliant
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • -35 to +65°C
  • Internal antenna
  • Colour graphical display

Graphical Display

2 inch graphical display with International symbols. The display can be viewed from 180 deg.

The operator receives constant, accurate feedback on the remote and the machine conditions by means of both an audio alert and a colour graphical display which is easy to view with clear images.

  • Full colour
  • ISO symbols
  • Low batt warning
  • Implement and travel indication
  • Visual and audible warning

Quality Controls

Solid state rugged joysticks with quality switches ensures continuous operation.

All remote switches and controls have been extensively field tested to exceed operational requirements.

  • Highest quality switches
  • Shock tested joysticks
  • IP65 emergency stop switch
  • Built to exceed the highest industry standards
  • Side push button control functions
  • Programming and Tele chair connectors

Operator Comfort

Low profile fully proportional Joystick with protective side rails offer the highest level of operator comfort.

  • Solid state Joysticks
  • Industry standard should harness
  • Protective side rails

Rugged Body

Custom designed rugged housing, designed to suit the harshest mining conditions.

  • Injection moulded
  • Dropped tested to 2 meters
  • IP65
  • Light weight

Battery Charger

The extended battery life of 16 hours continuous operation allows more productivity due to uninterrupted use.

The lithium Ion battery is built to last with long battery life and fast charge time.

  • Secure battery position
  • Fast recharge
  • Continuous 16 hours of operation
  • Rugged battery design built to last

Single Slot Charger (dual slot available)

  • Solid state
  • Rugged design
  • International power compliant

Shoulder Harness

  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Light weight
  • Industry tested

Maxi Vision Monitor

  • Short term portable tele remote applications
  • Machine recovery
  • Simple to set up
  • IP65 Monitor
  • Dual channel

Global Support

64 Countries Worldwide

RCT supports customers in over 64 countries worldwide.

RCT is a full service company offering the complete safety and productivity package of skills training, parts supply, technical support and customer service support with all its proprietary products.

RCT has a worldwide distributor and service agent network to supply parts, install and service its products.

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