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SmarTrack® an innovative solution leading the way in the industrial market, by providing relevant and detailed information in an easy-to-read format.

SmarTrack® is transforming the way in which companies approach industrial fleet management.


SmarTrack® Industrial Fleet Management is helping to make managing fleets easy, by delivering relevant dynamic data to ensure an efficient fleet at all times

Increase efficiency and deliver better profits.

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See for yourself how SmarTrack® Industrial Fleet Management can help improve your fleet performance.



SmarTrack® is making managing industrial fleets simple.

The easy-to-use solution is more than just access control.

SmarTrack® can be installed on all mobile and stationary equipment, regardless of make or model.

Forklifts | Trucks | Buses | Light Vehicles |  Container Stackers | Straddle Carriers…

Reports and Dashboards

SmarTrack® ensures the superior delivery of data with a new and improved charting dashboard to generate relevant, visual reports and alerts.

The solution provides accurate overview of an entire fleet to ensure all mobile machines and their operators are running efficiently, with 10 charting styles to choose from there is one to suit every operation.

  • Multi-lingual display ensures SmarTrack® can be used all over the world
  • Charting dashboard to put the user in control when it comes to manipulating the data they want to see
  • Full colour easy to read user interface

Operator Access and Pre-Start Checklist

SmarTrack® provides operator access via swipe card and/or pin number for better individual monitoring to ensure operators are accountable for their machines during each shift.

Pre and post-start checklists must be completed before an operator can commence work to further maximise safety in the workplace.

Live Alerts and Connectivity

Keep well-informed and up-to-date with your fleet activity with personalised live email alerts and reports ensuring checklist issues excess idle time and impacts are reported instantly.

Battery Monitoring


SmarTrack® Fleet Management now offers battery monitoring.  Delivering relevant reports and active alerts on battery voltage history, including short charge detection which discloses instances the battery has been charged for less than the ideal period of time; a practice that impacts the service life of a battery.

Out of Service and Idle Time Status

SmarTrack® Fleet Management allows you to monitor the health of your fleet with out-of-service status for planned and unplanned events. Idle time status for operators to justify excess idle events. Full reporting via email alerts and charting and is fully user configurable.



SmarTrack® empowers your business by arming you with all the information you need to make smart decisions. SmarTrack has a plethora of benefits to help you assist with successful fleet management.

The solution is underpinned by comprehensive training and direct phone support to ensure your solution provides measurable value, all the time.

Greater Efficiency and Reduced Costs

Improving fleet performance and efficiency can result in lowering fuel consumption, decreasing general machine wear and tear and machine damage to increase profitability.

Improved Safety and Security

Employees and mobile machines are businesses biggest assets so it makes sense to protect them. SmarTrack®’s comprehensive tracking feature ensures you know where they are at all times. In addition, only authorised individuals have access to mobile machines.

Fleet Add-Ons

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Engine Protection Systems (EPS)


Idle and Shutdown Systems


Seatbelt Controller (SSBC)


Speed Limiters


Vision and Lighting Systems


Customer Advantages

  • Improved efficiency
  • Paperless checklists
  • Proven customer satisfaction
  • Improved safety
  • Email reports
  • Better operator behaviour
  • Email alerts
  • Enhanced security
  • Easy-to-use
  • Multilingual

Global Coverage

SmarTrack has specific data packages according to location, please click on the global coverage map below to define yours.

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Global Support

64 Countries Worldwide

RCT supports customers in over 64 countries worldwide.

RCT is a full service company offering the complete safety and productivity package of skills training, parts supply, technical support and customer service support with all its proprietary products.

RCT has a worldwide distributor and service agent network to supply parts, install and service its products.

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