Protection Systems

Muirhead® smart technology is designed to help you get the most out of your mobile mining investments.
Attached to your equipment, Muirhead® reliably prevents premature failures and unexpected breakdowns, resulting in profitable mining operations.
Backed by exceptional support, service and training, Muirhead® offers improved operator safety, reduced equipment maintenance and repairs costs, less downtime and extended plant life.

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Protection Solutions Brochure

For more than 40 years the Muirhead® smart technology range has helped to reduce equipment maintenance and repair costs by reducing equipment downtime, and significantly extending plant life.
Over the years the system has evolved to meet industry needs.

Operator safety is of paramount importance in any operation throughout the world.
Muirhead® offers improved operator safety by helping to eliminate common workplace accidents involving mobile equipment.


Muirhead® smart technology is the preferred equipment protection system and as a result it is RCT’s most popular product available.

The technology can be attached to any mobile equipment to help prevent premature failures and unexpected breakdowns which results in costly delays in operations and has a negative effect on both productivity and profitability.
The system alerts operators to potential issues on mobile equipment before they become a problem which not only results in reduced equipment maintenance and repair costs but extends the life of equipment.
Muirhead® smart technology is simple to use and easy to install.
The technology can also be customised to suit specific needs and works in all conditions.

  • Auxiliary Warning and Controls
  • Engine Protection Systems (EPS)
  • Idle and Shutdown Systems
  • Incline Controllers
  • Isolation Systems
  • Monitoring / Warning Systems
  • Vehicle Speed / Engine Speed Systems

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Muirhead® smart technology is not only capable at providing machine protection, but it also has operator safety in mind.
Safety is a priority in any industry and the Murihead® smart protection systems ensure operators are working in a safe and secure environment at all times.
Its systems can address operator issues such as fatigue as well as improve overall operator safety by reducing the hazard, making for a more enjoyable and productive working environment.

  • Fatigue Warning System
  • Seat Belt Interlocks
  • Barrier Systems
  • Vehicle Speed / Engine Speed Systems
  • Isolation Systems
  • Machine Access System

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