Extensive history in North America provides foundation for formidable future

RCT’s history in North America is expansive, dating back 20 years. It is the only company with a proven history of delivering mixed, multi-fleet autonomous solutions into active mine sites in North America.

The technology RCT delivers allows for seamless integration with all forms of heavy mining equipment and provides the same functionality promised by OEM’s.

This reason alone is why RCT’s Automation solutions have been a popular choice in the North American market.

The journey in the region for RCT began when RCT’s foundation safety and productivity products, Muirhead® Protection, were first introduced to sites; however, it was not long before the ControlMaster® Automation & Control range took prominence.

In fact, North America’s most prominent ControlMaster® Automation project was in 2013 at a copper mine in Utah when a landslide hit the site’s north-eastern pit wall causing operations to be suspended. RCT was on site promptly to install and commission Automation on four Cat D8T dozers used to clean up the slip area in a safe manner.

On the back of this success, RCT decided the time was right to open branches locally to better service the region with local people.

Salt Lake City (Utah, USA) and Chelmsford / Sudbury (Ontario, Canada) were the chosen locations for RCT’s branches in North America.

The branches are staffed by a growing number of local workers who have extensive backgrounds in the mining industry and are passionate about RCT’s products and values.

The staff consist of a broad mix of skilled technicians and knowledgeable business specialists who provide on-ground support to RCT’s mining clients and work hard to address any challenge presented to them.

Some noteworthy projects RCT has completed in the region so far include a specialized job on a 15-year-old D8R dozer for Alliance Resources and a custom job for Western Contracting Corporation’s job at Fort Wingate Depot Activity – a former army munitions facility.

Across the border to Canada, the branch has been a hive of activity since its establishment in 2017; however, one of the most prominent projects in the country to date was with Teck Resources. Overall, all the projects carried out throughout North America to date have reflected RCT’s diversity, and ability to carry out Automation at any level, regardless of make, model or age of the machine.

As well as actively carrying out projects in the region, the RCT team have been busy partaking in various expos throughout the years. The long list includes MINExpo, Elko Mining Expo, CME Timmins, CIM Convention and even CONEXPO.

Through extensive networking and liaising at community events, RCT has been able to establish a successful partnership with American company Reliable Industries to supply quality technology solutions to their existing customer base. These solutions include RCT’s Muirhead®, SmarTrack® fleet management and AusProTec™ electrical equipment. Brake Supply (Indiana), T&H Parts (Colorado) and Sitech (Utah and Nevada) are all also valued mining partners of RCT.

RCT has also sponsored many events, such as the Multi-Chamber Luncheon held at the Conservation Garden Park in Utah, which was a great opportunity to support the local community in which the company operates.

Not shy of recognition, RCT won the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Best of the West’ award in 2019 for the company’s efforts in multidisciplinary engineering.

RCT’s Dealer and Product Management, Andrew Sells was a formidable force in setting up both branches in North America.

After completing the setup, Sells has now changed job roles but is still very passionate about continuing to grow the business.

“It hasn’t been without its challenges, however, it has been an exciting endeavor being able to engage with the local market and employ locals and provide them with the support on a local level.”

“There are a lot of people employed across the two branches – all of which live in the areas the branches are located. They know mining and they have been trained in RCT’s smart technology and are backed by the knowledge and support of those who have been in the business for 48+ years.”

“It’s important that people know we ARE local and we ARE open for business,” said Sells.

Today, RCT has a complete local business structure to support customers throughout North America. In the past, the company used to manage projects in the region by sending experts from Australia and providing remote support. Now, RCT experts are local people who have taken the role to facilitate the customer support relationship.

RCT’s technology is designed and manufactured with the end-user in mind, meaning clients can easily maintain the solutions themselves after completing comprehensive training and with RCT’s support.

However, the significant and rapid growth in the region saw the need for a local team of experts close to client’s operations and therefore the North America branches were established.

Leading the team in the region today is RCT’s Vice President – North America Operations, Clint Chapman.
Chapman said the North American market is looking towards safety improvements to current standards and protocols compliance, costs reduction and improvements in production and efficiencies.

“This is in line with what RCT specializes in: ‘delivering the most value to clients’ business strategies and objectives,” he said.

“North America is still behind in terms of technology implementation to mining mobile equipment, with many companies still utilizing Line-of-Sight (radio remotes) as well as some level of Teleremote control (video). So it is a step change bringing these operations to utilize the latest in Autonomous technology and having them experience first-hand the benefits of the latest technology brings.”

“Where RCT can add the most value, is removing operators from the hazardous mining environment and while still being able to perform tasks, but from a safe location.”

RCT can also assist with reducing costs on site due to, equipment damage and downtime.

Chapman said the key is changing the mine’s culture towards achieving increased productivity and safety.

“And once you start to get the mine’s culture change, the production and efficiencies benefits are noticeable due to Automation performing equipment tasks always at higher levels and avoiding the human error aspect,” he said.

Nowadays, companies are looking for technology partners that are adaptable to their business model and strategies.

“The fact that RCT built its foundations over the past 48 years in providing agnostic, interoperable mixed, multi-fleet platforms which can be integrated to any brand, any type and any model of mobile equipment and this is exactly what the market is looking for.”

"RCT’s core team in North America is focused on its clients to ensure they receive the same level of support RCT is well-known for delivering throughout the world.”

The company sees itself as the Mining World’s Trusted Technology Partner – with its core focus on delivering the right technology for the right application – to benefit our clients’ business.

“RCT observe, listen, problem solve and collaborate to provide unrivaled service aligning its solutions to customer’s objectives, taking into consideration the life of the mine and mine plans technology strategies and road maps to bring the most value… ALWAYS!”

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