Account Manager, Mining - Ontario, Canada


We are transforming the future of mining and want you to be a part of it!

RCT Technologies Inc. (RCT) is a global leader in the development and original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) of Control & Automation, Protection, and Information solutions for mobile mining equipment. ​We have been an industry innovator since 1972, with clients in over 70 countries worldwide and more than 250 members of the RCT team across six continents.

We continue to invest heavily in R&D to remain on the cutting edge of technology. Our company and the wide range of products and technology solutions we provide are all available at

RCT is a company, where individual imaginations gather together, committing to the values that lead to great work. At RCT, you’ll do more than join a company — you’ll be a part of a company.


We do not want to offer you just a job. We want to offer you a career.

RCT is currently in a growth phase, and we are looking for an Account Manager to help us establish a long-term future in Ontario, Canada. You will be the main contact for new and existing clients to evaluate, understand and apply RCT products to their mobile mining fleets.

Your aim will be to focus on the needs of our customers to be a driven, engaging, innovative salesperson to build on our continued successes in Canada.

Ideally, you will be able to meet or demonstrate a sound understanding of the following criteria:

  • Experience in underground &/or open-pit mining industry
  • Currently working in a technical sales role
  • An established mining industry professional
  • Experience with mining technology or technical role and has an interest in a professional sales career
  • Is committed to regular value-adding customer engagement that demonstrates a thorough understanding of its mining operation/method and industry-leading trends.
  • Values face-to-face engagement and ability to introduce RCT solutions
  • Has an engaging and sales-focused attitude
  • Values long-term relationships with your customers
  • Is interested in achieving daily high payoff activities

As a self-managed professional, your responsibilities include:

  • Acting as the voice of the customer to RCT.
  • Travelling to mine sites and spending quality time with production, maintenance, procurement, and safety personnel to build quality relationships and generate sales.
  • Being able to work as part of a team, reporting to RCT’s Regional Manager in Salt Lake City
  • Being able to develop structured sales and account planning and management.
  • Being able to take guidance and counsel from the Global Business Development Manager – Mining & Regional Manager on strategic customer engagements & strategies.
  • Possessing excellent communication and relationship-building skills
  • Having a proactive and positive disposition
  • Being able to prioritise and execute effective time management skills
  • Having sound commercial and financial acumen and demonstrating an ability to learn
  • Understanding, using, and leveraging our sales framework, processes, and CRM
  • Having engaging presentation skills with the ability to speak about our technology and professionally communicate its value to all levels of a customer's organisation.
  • Not being afraid to prospect for new customers
  • Having the drive and owning marketing activities that generate real measurable revenue

The role is based in our Sudbury office and will be responsible for developing sales in the mining sector in Canada. To be a positive influence for RCT products and solutions within the Canadian mining industry, you must be prepared to own the assigned territory, customers, and sales results.

Other requirements include:

  • Able to legally work in Canada
  • Ability to travel to the mining regions
  • Above-average computer literacy
  • Medically fit, and able to pass regular drug and alcohol testing
  • Experience and ability to work both underground and surface mines
  • Ideally lives in Greater Sudbury or the Toronto region.

What RCT has to offer you:

  • A competitive annual salary
  • An incentive plan tied to personal and organizational performance
  • Opportunities for advancement within RCT
  • A work environment focused on new technology and innovation
  • Subsidised Benefits - Health, Vision, Dental, life and critical insurance and long-term disability cover
  • A Defined Contribution Registered Pension Plan
  • Comprehensive training and opportunities for growth
  • Ongoing support and guidance from a passionate (dedicated) Sales team

To apply forward your resume by email to:

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