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APN 11272
Aislador de Batería Electrónico (Programable)

The AusProTec™ Electronic Battery Isolator (Programmable) or EBI Pro is a revolutionary dual battery control device.

Based on the solid foundation of our ground-breaking Programmable Voltage Sensing Relay (PSR) the EBI Pro has been designed to withstand the toughest of conditions.

Unlike conventional electro-mechanical isolators, the EBI Pro is solid state. Solid state means that there are no moving parts. That is, no contacts to vibrate, chatter, arc, wear and ultimately fail. The MOSFET based topology of the EBI Pro is proven. Reliability, durability and longevity are built in.

The EBI Pro is also adjustable in terms of voltage and time delay. This provides the installer with the means to customise the EBI Pro for the application rather than suffer the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy from manufacturers of traditional devices.

Specifically manufactured to withstand harsh conditions, this unit has been designed for under bonnet installations and will run 100 Amps continuously at 60°C.

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