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APN 7768
Sistemas de Apagado de Torre de Iluminación

The Muirhead® Lighting Tower Shutdown System is specifically designed to allow lighting towers to be controlled semi automatically. The system has two modes of operation, manual mode and automatic mode. In manual mode, the system operates as per normal. In automatic mode, the operator must initially start the engine manually via the key switch, allow the engine to run up to operational RPM then arm the system. The engine is latched on in the running mode until light is sensed the next day. When daylight is confirmed the lighting tower is shutdown automatically and the ignition is isolated.

The Muirhead® Lighting Tower Auto Start/Stop Control has been designed to eliminate the need for site staff to manually start every light tower each evening.

On larger worksites, this can prove costly in terms of man hours, fuel and wear and tear on both staff vehicles and light towers. Some of these towers may run 4 hours or more than is required every day. The light tower auto start/stop will save you both time and money.

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