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LOOM TO SUIT DUAL LASER, single barrier system
APN 10144
Laser Guard Machine Containment System

The Control Master® Laser Guard Machine Containment System has been designed for underground Remote/Teleremote mining applications where multiple entries to a remote mining area need to be guarded from the remote machine exiting the area, as well as personnel entering the area. The Master Unit can receive signals from up to four (4) Laser Control Unit Kits. Each Control Unit Kit consists of two (2) lasers spaced 800mm apart which gives double redundant operation. This prevents personnel being able to go under or step over the laser beams without triggering the Laser Guard.

How the System Works

If a laser beam is tripped, power is removed from the remote control transmitter causing the machine to neutralise, brakes to apply and the engine to shutdown. The laser unit that has been tripped will be indicated at the Laser Guard Master Unit by the corresponding LED changing state from solid green to flashing red. Operations can only be resumed when the tripped laser beam has been inspected, trip cause corrected and both the Control and Master Units have been reset.

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