Products Overview

RCT offers a range of intelligent and exclusive technology. Working closely with clients to fully understand business needs, we design, manufacture and deliver custom technology and service solutions to support clients around the world in sectors including mining, industrial, agricultural and civil.

RCT Product Suite

By giving you full control of your mobile equipment, ControlMaster® helps drive profit-boosting productivity beyond existing levels.

  • Guidance systems (automation)
  • Teleremote systems (video)
  • Line of sight systems (radio remote)
  • Underground and surface communications systems
  • Safeguards for operator, machine and work areas

We’ll work closely with you to fully understand your needs, before designing and manufacturing a customised ControlMaster® package – delivered, installed and supported anywhere in the world.

ControlMaster® Product Range

EarthTrack® smart technology is designed to give you more control over your equipment fleet to ensure it’s always operating at peak performance.

Fitted to your equipment, EarthTrack® fully assesses performance data in real-time, giving intelligent insights that allow understanding and improvement of fleet productivity.

  • ComLink positioner / commander
  • Machine logging systems
  • Payload management systems

Designed to operate without excessive human resource overheads and virtually no permanent mine infrastructure requirements, EarthTrack® is your key to smarter, profit-boosting equipment.

EarthTrack® Product Range

Muirhead® smart technology is designed to help you get the most out of your mobile mining investments.

Attached to your equipment, Muirhead® reliably prevents premature failures and unexpected breakdowns, resulting in profitable mining operations.

  • Engine protection components
  • Fatigue/fire warning alarms
  • Fuel cap isolation
  • Idle/shutdown systems
  • Level sensors
  • Lubrication controls
  • Protection systems
  • Service monitors
  • Speed limiters

Backed by exceptional support, service and training, Muirhead® offers improved operator safety, reduced equipment maintenance and repairs costs, less downtime and extended plant life.

Muirhead® Product Range

AusProTec™ is designed for better performance of your mobile equipment investments.

From gauges, plugs, hydraulics and switches to alarm and rear vision camera systems, the wide range of specialised parts are supported by RCT to improve job efficiency.

AusProTec™ Product Range

SmarTrack® is designed to provide unrivalled control over your operating equipment investments by providing intelligent insights that allow monitoring, control and continual improvement of productivity and safety of fleet in dangerous environments.

SmarTrack® Product Range