RCT is committed to protecting the privacy and data of all its users. To further improve our security, we are making some updates to our systems that will change the way you log into the SmarTrack® web portal.

If you have not logged in since Monday, 23rd September 2019 (12:00pm AWST), you will need to follow the instructions below on how to reset your password and log into SmarTrack®.

Note: This security update will not affect your current subscriptions and alerts.

  • A significant change is the removal of the 'username'. All users must now use their email address to sign in.
  • Most importantly, all existing passwords are invalid after the update. You must first reset your password before attempting to log into SmarTrack®.

To help you, we have created an easy-to-follow set of instructions. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Visit the SmarTrack web portal at smartrack.rct.net.au

Click the grey "Login" button in the top right of the screen.

Step 2

You’ll be shown the new "Login" screen.

Enter your email address in the first field (all existing usernames are now no longer valid).

Click "Reset Password" (all existing passwords are now no longer valid, therefore, MUST be reset).

Step 3

Check your email address is correct and click "Send Email".

Step 4

When you have received an email from SmarTrack® Support (check Spam folder), click on the "click here" link.

Step 5

The link will take you to the "Change Password" screen - enter and confirm your new password.

Note: The minimum password requirements are:

  • Your new passwordMUSTbe 8 characters in length and contain at least 3 of the following 4 types of characters:
  • Lower case letters (a-z)
  • Upper case letters (A-Z)
  • Numbers (i.e. 0-9)
  • Special characters (e.g.Protected

Step 6

The "Change Password" page can be closed.

Step 7

Go back to the SmarTrack web portal at smartrack.rct.net.au

Click the grey "Account Login" button in the top right of the screen.

Enter your email address and your new password and click "Log In".

Need assistance?

If there's a problem, check your email and password carefully for errors. You can always reset your password again and see if the problem remains.

Alternatively, contact Protected and we can help further.