Parceiro de tecnologia mais confiado no mundo
50 anos de operação em 6 continentes
RCT offer an array of truly interoperable machine solutions to revolutionise the mining and industrial sectors.
We advance businesses by integrating our scalable smart technologies that are designed for any machine make or model.
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Industry-leading Automation & Control solutions for any machine make or model.

Known for its versatility, the ControlMaster® range is scalable and can be applied to a single machine or an entire mixed fleet – depending on the readiness of the operation.

A única plataforma verdadeiramente interoperável no mercado pode se integrar perfeitamente com as tecnologias e equipamentos móveis existentes e futuros de qualquer operação.

ControlMaster® is modernising procedures to drive efficiencies and deliver a continuous operation – which is something that other OEMs can’t offer.

  • Automação completa
  • Semi-automação
  • Gestão de tráfego
Controle de máquina

  • Automação
  • Collision Avoidance Systems
  • Proximity Detection Systems
  • Controle Remoto
  • Teleremoto
  • Line-of-Sight (LOS)
Redes de comunicação
  • RCT Connect (full-scale network)
  • RCT Bridge (hybrid network)
  • Wi-Fi
  • LTE
  • Analógico
ControlMaster® exclusive features include
Multi Machine Select
Multi Machine Control
Multi Fleet Select
Ponto a Ponto
Protege a força de trabalho e aumenta a vida útil da frota de máquinas.

Key solutions include:
  • Temporizadores de inatividade
  • Limitadores de velocidade
  • Bloqueio de Freio de Mão
  • Monitoramento de fadiga
  • Controladores de Inclinação
  • Proteção do Motor
  • Bloqueios de Combustível
  • Soluções de segurança de caçamba
  • Limitador de Aceleração
  • Service monitors

Relevant data & information for better decision-making.

Monitoramento de veículos leves

Gerenciamento de carga

Dados de Máquina Gateway

Gestão de frota
Delivers machine and operator data from multiple sites;
all under one platform, any time, anywhere.

Key features include:
  • Global reporting
  • Checklists
  • Multilingual interface
  • Out of service
  • Weight & speed monitoring
  • Seat & buckle monitoring
  • GPS zoning
  • Operator access control

Aprimore os ativos de sua máquina com equipamentos elétricos robustos e comprovados.

2,500+ specialised parts including:
  • Alarmes
  • Cabos
  • Câmeras
  • Conectores
  • Fleet identification
  • Medidores
  • Instrumentação
  • Lâmpadas
  • Iluminação
  • Detecção traseira
  • Interruptores
  • Ferramentas

Serviços e recursos abrangentes
Para uma operação confiável e eficiente
Suporte global
RCT’s leading support model and ever-expanding service network is aimed at providing local support, using local people, who are readily available.
Options include:
  • myRCT (online portal)
  • Software support
  • Diagnóstico remoto
  • Site visits, audits and consultation
  • Manutenção
  • Hire equipment
Soluções Customizadas
The 'RCT Custom' team specialises in the delivery of bespoke solutions. They're able to resolve any challenge; regardless of the size or scope of the project.
Research and innovation
Reflecting RCT’s commitment to performance, our 'Proof of Concepts Works' team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible to stay at the forefront of the technology curve.
Treinamento de habilidades
Industry-recognised courses are tailored to suit operators, enginners and maintenance personnel; allowing sites to be more self-sufficient.
  • Webinar
  • Presencial
  • eLearning
RCT keeps production in-house with its own manufacturing facilities, using highly-talented people to build and deploy our proprietary solutions.
Keep your operation running without disruptions. RCT has you covered with its stock of 2,500+ products. All these specialised parts can be shipped to anywhere in the world.
Our clients

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