Frota de mineração Teleremote personalizada entregue no Cazaquistão


World-leading autonomous solutions specialist RCT has succeeded over a global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and completed a customised Teleremote project at an underground mine in Kazakhstan.

RCT’s solution was selected over a technology option presented by a major OEM as its ControlMaster® Teleremote solution could be tailored to the mine’s site-specific requirements.

RCT worked with local Cat dealer Borusan Kazakhstan to install and commission its ControlMaster® automation technology onto two Cat R1700G underground loaders and associated Automation Centres located within the underground mine.

The ControlMaster® Teleremote solution is now being utilised at the Ridder underground Tishinsky copper mine in north-eastern Kazakhstan by local mining company Kazzinc.

Going forward, RCT will manufacture the Teleremote technology for an additional twelve Cat R1700G and Cat R1300G underground loaders while Borusan Kazakhstan will install this equipment at the Tishinsky and Dolinnoye mines.

The Teleremote solution enables machine operators to control the machine from a secure station in the underground mine with the help of strategically placed cameras and sensors.

Teleremote technology enables machine operators to access the machine’s full range of functions that they would normally have if they were sitting in the machine’s cab.

The company has also supplied its new digital communications network RCT Connect and integrated it with the underground loaders.

RCT Connect is designed specifically for autonomous and Teleremote machine operations in underground mining environments and can provide low latency, consistent communications between command inputs from the mine’s surface and subsequent machine activities.RCT’s Moscow-based Business Development Manager – CIS Stephen Macarow said he is pleased to have completed the project in partnership with Borusan Kazakhstan.

“Our Teleremote solution means the operators will control the loaders from inside the Automation Centre and they will be protected from the hazardous conditions often found at the mine face including geotechnical risks, dust, exhaust fumes and temperatures as low as -27⁰C (-16.6⁰F),” he said.

“The mining company will also experience improved site productivity through reduced shift handover times and less unplanned maintenance downtime from machine operator errors.”

“The ControlMaster® Automation and Control solutions are fully interoperable and agnostic, it can be integrated into any machine make and model and carry out the same range of functions as promised by the OEM.”

“RCT has been supplying proven technological solutions to the mining industry in Kazakhstan and the broader CIS region for over 25 years and we look forward to providing more autonomous solutions in the future.”

A spokesperson for Borusan Kazakhstan said the company has been working with RCT since 2008 and in that time has delivered multiple automation projects for the Kazakhstan mining industry including at the Tishinsky mine.

“Borusan Kazakhstan has been actively watching the regional mining market and in cooperation with RCT has developed Teleremote technology that is suitable for the CIS market,” they said.

“In collaboration with RCT Borusan Kazakhstan currently provides remote control and Teleremote solution implementation, standard and adapted-for-the-customer equipment delivery, maintenance services and employee technology trainings.”

“At the start of 2020 we started work on the largest project to date with RCT to implement ControlMaster® Teleremote onto two Cat underground loaders and we look forward to implementing the additional 12 units over the course of the year.”

Borusan Kazakhstan equipment service engineer Altamirov Yegor said he has worked with RCT for 10 years and has enjoyed seeing the automation technology evolve to suit mining industry requirements.

“I believe that the key to RCT’s success is they listen to the wishes of each customer and the mine site staff,” he said.

“I have worked closely with RCT staff on joint technical solutions and in critical situations RCT instantly reacts and makes decisions to eliminate the problems.”

“Their work provides mining clients with dynamic development and ever improving automation systems.”

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