The world's most trusted automation solution for any machine make or model
RCT Powered by Epiroc has the world's most proven and scalable agnostic automation and control technology.

1800+ control & automation solutions | 50+ years | 80+ countries

RCT Automation & Control technologies are scalable and can be applied to a single machine, one particular area or an entire mixed fleet; depending on the operation's readiness.

Единственная на рынке действительно эксплуатационно-совместимая платформа, способная беспрепятственно интегрироваться с любой системой технических средств, имеющейся на предприятии или планируемой в будущем, равно как и с передвижным оборудованием предприятия.

Used by some of the world’s largest companies, RCT Automation & Control is disrupting industries by modernising procedures to drive efficiencies and deliver a continuous operation.

All solutions are backed by RCT’s leading support model and expansive global service network. Our core mission is providing local support and service, employing local people, who are readily available – anytime, anywhere.

An industry leader since 1972. We have clients globally. But we never stop. At RCT we are continuing to evolve, investing heavily in research and development to remain at the forefront of current and technology of the future.

Automation platforms (3:06 Min)

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