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APN 12537
Sistemas de Advertencia de Bandeja Levantada

Drivers of large trucks inherently face hazardous conditions when operating near power lines, overpasses and underground portals. A truck with a raised tray in these surroundings can cause an enormous amount of damage to core operating facilities and endanger the lives of both the driver and personnel within the vicinity. It is therefore, extremely important that the truck operator is aware of which position their tray is in whilst they are driving.

The Muirhead® Raised Tray Warning System can minimise these risks by alerting the operator and personnel within the area that the vehicle's tray is in a raised position. A system is also available which can limit the machine's transmission to first gear when the tray is raised, thereby avoiding high speed accidents.

The Muirhead® Tray Collision Warning System (4270) has been designed to alert the operator of an impending tray collision when operating in a height restricted working area.

This system utilises a programmable ultra sonic sensor with two interval switching outputs that provide the operator with a two stage visual and audio alarm alert.

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