Our primary goal is to boost the profit from your mobile equipment.
With over 40 years of success, RCT leverages knowledge, insight and know-how to provide you the advantage of smart technology and tangible benefits.
RCT’s Automation range is available for all mobile mining fleet equipment in surface or underground operations.
Increased profitability, productivity and safety.

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Proven and reliable technology for all surface machines.

RCT is a world leader in underground machine automation and control.

Got a unique surface or underground mining problem that defies our off-the-shelf solutions?



RCT’s Line-of-Sight, Teleremote & Multi Machine Automation solutions.

Attached to your mobile equipment, this smart technology automates operations in dangerous situations. The advantage? Consistent, reliable operations that boost productivity and safety while keeping your fleet in action longer.

RCT Automation solutions are available to automate a range of tasks in multiple applications:

  • Bulldozers (tailings, stockpile, ripping)
  • Drill pattern control
  • Loading and hauling

RCT’s Line-of-Sight, Teleremote & Multi Machine kits are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and are supported by RCT’s global support network.

Dozers | Excavators | Rock Breakers | Trucks | Wheel Loaders | Graders | Drills…

Case Studies:
Codelco, Hexagon Mining and RCT form strategic alliance for customised and innovative solutions
Teleremote Control Solutions for Alrosa

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Dozer Remote Solution

Surface Loader Remote Solution

Excavator/Rock Breaker Remote Solution


Operate a driverless vehicle via handheld remote control with RCT’s Line-of-Sight solution. Maintain clear view within a safe distance.

RCT is the industry leader in Line-of-Sight solutions for all surface mobile machines.


RCT’s Teleremote solution offers the most compelling risk reduction option in surface mining to date. Control a vehicle in the comfort of a safe remote location. Witness your operators improve their performance with the luxury of multiple views and angles, and not having to be concerned about their own safety – ensuring productivity and profit gains.

Multi Machine

Take full advantage of RCT smart technology and drive profits even higher by implementing your site with RCT’s Multi Machine solution. One operator to control multiple machines across the site – better visibility over entire work area, maximum operator comfort and safety, and lower operating costs.



RCT is a world leader in underground machine remote control, continually expanding our underground automation range to meet the latest market requirements.

  • Automated Loader Tele/Guidance
  • Surface control for underground machines
  • Multiple machine selection
  • Automated Drill Teleremote
  • Automated Haul Truck operator assisted Guidance
  • Independent Guidance (automated tramming)

With the underground mining industry looking set to increase its reliance on smart technology to drive productivity into the future, we’ll continue to grow the RCT Automation range to even greater heights, backed by global training, spares and support.

Loaders | Haul Trucks | Drills | Rock Breakers…

Case Studies:
Surface Teleremote and Guidance Solution at Perilya
Jinfeng Gold Mine to double output over the next 2 years




An underground miner operates heavy machinery deep underground and has to endure the hazardous environment that comes with it on a daily basis. Solution? Remove the person from that situation in the first place. Teleremote allows the operation of underground machines from the surface. It paves the way for a faster and smoother changeover of vehicle operators during shift transitions, aiding in increased productivity, and operator health and safety.



Continually driving costs out of Underground mining is a focus of all mine managers. Automated Loader and Truck Guidance (Operator Assist) continues the road map of technology improving the bottom line of underground production. Greater speeds, consistent high production and less damage ensures KPI’s targets are met every time.

Independent Guidance


The ControlMaster® Independent Guidance is the ultimate underground automation mining solution in the market today.

The ease of use of the system is apparent, as the only required input from the operator is the press of a button to activate the system, and the operator can then leave the machine to navigate by itself to the destination. Steering, braking, and speed are automatically controlled by the system, together with laser technology which is utilised to keep the machine on the centre path of the drive avoiding walls and other major obstacles.

This innovative technology takes the stress out of operating machines on narrow difficult to navigate underground drives, resulting in less fatigue, less machine downtime, and significant gains in productivity. Independent Guidance is designed to improve the bottom line of underground production. Greater speeds, consistent high production and less damage ensure KPI’s targets are met every time. It can be installed on all types of underground loaders and trucks.

Future features include; EarthTrack® Machine Performance Data, Guidance Digital Dash, Independent Guidance Multi Point, Multiple Machine Control.

Press Release:
RCT Expands its Automation Range, as Demand for Technology Increases


Automation Features


G-Dash further empowers Guidance operators with real-time information to make smarter decisions. The feature offers operators a real-time graphical representation, conveniently and clearly displayed on a separate designated display.

G-Dash displays:

  • Machine speed
  • Machine RPM
  • Machine gear
  • Machine direction
  • Laser degradation
  • Signal strength
  • Guidance enabled
  • Pitch and Roll
  • Full bucket feedback

G-Dash information helps the operator to:

  • Position the machine for a good dig at the draw point
  • Know when the laser requires cleaning (which increases Guidance performance)
  • See road conditions, allowing them to travel at faster speeds in some sections of the drive
  • Establish an estimated time to arrival at their destination, ensuring other tasks can be completed in a timely fashion
  • View signal strength to assist in easily identifying any communication problems

G-Dash datasheet

RCT Custom

Got a unique surface or underground mining problem that defies our off-the-shelf solutions? RCT Custom can partner with you to design, manufacture and install fully customised automation solutions, such as:

  • Surface fleet Teleremote control
  • Underground haul truck and loader fleet automation
  • Specialised machine remote control using onsite communication networks
  • Teleremote vision using multiple camera types and colour displays to ensure clear vision for optimum control


Global Support

64 Countries Worldwide

RCT supports customers in over 64 countries worldwide.

RCT is a full service company offering the complete safety and productivity package of skills training, parts supply, technical support and customer service support with all its proprietary products.

RCT has a worldwide distributor and service agent network to supply parts, install and service its products.

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Other Solutions

Smarter Technology

Want to take advantage of RCT’s other smart technology solutions?

RCT’s solutions boost your mobile equipment investments for better safety, better productivity and better profitability.

RCT provides customers with a wider scope of smarter technology together with the assurance that they still have access to RCT’s professionalism, knowledge and capability, and the reliability of RCT’s smart products.

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