Fit for purpose technology for surface mining

Driving business improvements

Efficiencies and improvements can easily be made on open pit mines when equipped with the adaptable automation, information and protection systems RCT has to offer that are designed for any machine, make or model operating on site.

RCT’s array of state-of-the-art technology has seen surface mines make vast business improvements to increase bottom line profits and safety. RCT interoperable solutions can integrate into a site’s existing and future technologies – enabling seamless data capturing, analysis and reporting of all the systems operating at the mine.

We collaborate closely with all our clients to develop cutting-edge technology that meets evolving expectations in-line with technology roadmaps.

RCT also has strong working relationships with third party technology providers. Where appropriate – on a project-to-project basis – we partner and integrate to deliver customised solutions to support surface miners all over the world.

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