Peak Performance, Peak Protection: Optimising Your Operations
Our protection solutions improve machine availability and operation; which in turn, substantially increases machine production and lifespan.

Reliably prevents premature failures and unexpected breakdowns, resulting in profitable operations.

  • Idle timers
  • Speed limiters
  • Park brake interlocks
  • Fatigue monitoring
  • Incline controllers
  • Engine protection
  • Fuel lockouts
  • Tray safety solutions
  • Throttle limiters
  • Machine interface control


Think RCT MIC.
Before you think CAS.

A CAS is nothing without an intelligent and expandable framework. With the most innovative, standardised interface available, RCT MIC can assist you in streamlining your project and achieving Level 9 CAS.

  • Nimble installation
  • OEM agnostic
  • Proven Expertise
  • Standardised interface
  • ISO 21815 compliant
  • No system constraints
  • Future proof
  • AS4240 standard


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