Machine Interface Control

RCT enables intelligent vehicle control. Allowing our clients to deliver the greatest level of safety solutions for their projects.

An industry leader in the design and integration of interoperable machine control packages. RCT’s cutting-edge capabilities enable us to provide Automation, Remote Control, and Collision Avoidance solutions to any mobile equipment, on any site.

RCT’s MIC is the most intelligent and safest vehicle interface for any Collision Avoidance System (CAS). We can help to intervene in dangerous situations, playing a critical role in safeguarding personnel now more than ever.

CAS is becoming an essential component of modern operations and is even becoming a legal requirement in certain countries.

MIC can seamlessly interface with any industry-leading Level 9 Collision Avoidance System (CAS) on the market, giving you the flexibility to select a preferred vendor across your fleet and operations.

CAS mitigates the risk of collisions between site personnel, other machines, and site infrastructure

Level 7 - Proximity Detection System (Detect)

Covers proximity detection using cameras
and radar, with the ability to see around.

Level 8 - Proximity Warning System (Alarm)

Allows to predict the future and provides a
collision avoidance alarm to the operator.

Level 9 - Collision Avoidance System (Stop)

Builds on Level 8 by automatically intervening in hazardous situations.

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Machine Interface Control

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