Comprehensive services and capabilities
For a reliable and efficient operation

Global support

All solutions are backed by RCT’s leading support model and ever-expanding service network; aimed at providing local support, using local people, who are readily available – anytime, anywhere.

Comprehensive support options include:

  • myRCT (Online support portal)
  • Software Support
  • As-required standard service & support
  • Service level agreement (SLA)
  • Servicing & maintenance

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Site Audits and consultation

RCT can perform site audits such as risk assessments and safety analysis, to ensure the safest and most productive approach is taken. RCT provides consultancy services, including feasibility studies and strategies to improve technology and optimise operations.

  • Mine technology scoping studies
  • OEM maintenance agreement
  • Installation
  • Operational servicing
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Customised servicing schedule
  • Servicing documentation
  • Service exchange equipment
Research and Innovation

Our Proof of Concepts Works (PoC Works) team utilises the technical insight of some of the best minds to create highly specialised technology. Reflecting RCT’s commitment to performance, the PoC Works team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible to stay at the forefront of the technology curve.

Customised solutions

RCT Custom is a department specialised in the delivery of bespoke solutions to address vital operational improvements. The team has the expertise and resources to resolve any challenge; regardless of the size or scope of the project.

Skills training

Industry-recognised courses are tailored to suit operators and maintenance personnel; allowing sites to be more self-sufficient.

Supported by practical demonstrations and hands-on experience, relevant content is delivered based on the vast knowledge of our trainers and technicians.

  • Webinar
  • Face-to-Face
  • eLearning

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Keep your operation running without disruptions. RCT has you covered with its stock of 2,500+ products, including gauges, hydraulics, switches, alarms and camera systems. All these specialised parts can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

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RCT keeps production in-house with its own manufacturing facilities, using highly-talented people to build and deploy our proprietary Automation, Protection and Information solutions for customers all over the world.

Technology capabilities

Proven agnostic platform that can be applied to a single machine or an entire mixed fleet. RCT's automation is disrupting the industry by modernising procedures to drive efficiencies and deliver a continuous mining operation.


RCT can manage the collection, transfer, storage and analytics of data across a mobile equipment fleet. The data may be analysed and reported from within a cloud server or provided to the customer via a reporting system of their choice.


The only truly interoperable platform on the market can integrate seamlessly with any site's existing and future technologies and mobile equipment.


RCT technology offer flexible and adaptive pathways to higher levels of automation that can be expanded upon over time as the mine’s technology readiness or needs change.


RCT delivers technology for the business of today, as well as the business of tomorrow, with an adaptive offering to suit specific applications.


RCT’s strategy is focused on using edge-based technology processing which results in lower bandwidth requirements, meaning better quality machine control and vision on inferior digital networks. Alternatively, RCT’s own RCT Connect provides a low cost, high quality and easy-to-use communication network.

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