Una inversion en la nueva generación (Colegios de Kalgoorlie)


While Remote Control Technologies (RCT) have a defined development path outlined for future technology advancements for the mining industry, today's students need exposure to and education on the industry, to identify and define their own future.

RCT was happy to support the over 200 students from Goldfields' schools with sponsorship of the "Girls and Guys Exploring Mining" forum held at the WA School of Mines in Kalgoorlie on Friday 23rd August.

The students at the forum participated in a number of activities and demonstrations providing an insight into the range of career paths available to them in the resources sector.

The potential of a skills shortage is typical of an industry characterised by ups and downs. As a result of this, the importance of attracting students to the industry, even in a downturn, cannot be underestimated.

As RCT actively promotes innovative Australian technology worldwide, the Company is also keen to ensure that the high skill levels of Australians in the mining industry are maintained and developed, a key incentive for their sponsorship of the event.

RCT runs its own comprehensive, accredited training courses to ensure that operators in the mine have the confidence and skill to get the most from their remote controlled equipment.

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