A safer and more efficient operation thanks to SmarTrack®


RCT’s leading Fleet Management system, SmarTrack® Global has transformed operations at JDK Management’s storage facilities in Victoria.

JDK Management is one of the largest storage warehouses in Shepparton, with more than 35,000 pallet spaces of storage in varying temperatures from -18c to +8c. The company prides itself on providing the best facilities and the most accurate and efficient customer service.

Therefore, their decision through their materials handling partner, L&P Mackin forklifts to install SmarTrack® Global at the facility was an easy one. In this instance, the system was combined with RCT’s two-camera DVR recorder to further safeguard operations.

JDK Management’s General Manager, Paul Kalafatis, said the combination of the solutions has been very successful in enabling them to identify the causes for incidents relating to their material handling equipment.

“As a result, management has been able to identify environmental risks, initiate additional training, and generally heighten safety awareness within the organisation,” he said.

SmarTrack® Global helps to optimise materials handling operations and increase bottom-line profits. The fleet management system delivers relevant, customised information in real-time to employees, provides pre and post-start checklists, event reporting, access control and monitors the weight and speed of industrial equipment.

JDK Management noted the compliance aspects of SmarTrack® Global including the checklist reporting and access control, were big factors in its decision to purchase the solution.

The ability to understand when and what weight their forklifts were carrying was also of significant interest from a safety and utilisation perspective.

RCT’s high level of support was also another factor for JDK Management in implementing the system. The high level of support RCT provides to all its clients across its extensive solution range was also a stand-out.

“It is reassuring to know that this product is locally supported through L & P Mackin,” said.

Due to its willingness to adopt new technology over the years, to ensure a safer and more effective workplace, JDK Management has maintained its forefront of the industry for the last 25+ years. Its adoption of SmarTrack® is a great example of this.

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