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Part No: 4800
Controladores de Incendio Auxiliar

Fire Status Panel (Part No. 5884) Australian Standard 5062

The Muirhead® Fire Status Panel is designed and built to the latest Australian Standards AS5062. The panel will monitor the status of the fire bottle from two pressure switch inputs. The low pressure input warns the operator when the bottle pressure is below the desired KPa level. The shutdown pressure switch will trigger when the bottle has been discharged. It also has a key switch for override and pushbutton for extended shutdown when activated.

Idle Timer/Fire Controller (Part No. 3329)

The Muirhead® Idle Timer/Fire Controller is a dual purpose product that incorporates both idle down and fire detection shutdown used to protect diesel engines and turbo chargers against immediate shut off, which traps high temperatures in the engine, resulting in component failure. A delay to shutdown ensures the operator has time to safely park the machine prior to the automatic shutdown. The system also activates if it senses a pressure loss in the fire suppression system and prevents normal operation if unsafe levels are detected.

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