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Automation Centre Chair
Part No: 14333
Automation Centre Chair

The 14333 Automation Centre Chair has been designed to be a fit for purpose control station chair which allows operators to control mobile machinery from a central location via radio remote control over extended periods. The chair itself is rated for up to 225kgms. They are supplied with ample adjustment for size and comfort.

The location of the joysticks and arm rests have been carefully designed to allow comfort and support for an extended period of operation . The position of ancillary components such as joysticks, switches and dials have been located to provide a level of comfort for a broad range of uses. These are also laid out to allow for a wide range and standardization of controls for operating a large range of vehicles.

It incorporates an air comfort system (ACS) which comprises 8 inflatable air lumbar supports. These deliver customized support to the sides, thighs. Lower, middle and upper back. Typically fitted to dump trucks.


  • Incorporates Back adjustment
  • Backrest recline adjustment
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Seat tilt adjustment
  • 200mm fore &aft adjustment
  • 60mm independent height adjustment
  • Weight range up to 225kgms
The chairs have been tested on a large list of sites by a number of experienced operators. The chairs have performed to specification and have had a high level of acceptance. Feedback has been positive and has met and exceeded the operator’s expectations.

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