RCT tech enables level 9 machine intervention across major mining fleet


A global mining giant is at the forefront of innovation at its Australian operations after implementing Level 9 machine intervention control technology across its mobile surface fleet.

RCT rolled out its highly interoperable Muirhead® technology across the mining company’s 128-strong equipment fleet which includes multiple models of Cat, Komatsu and Liebherr trucks.

The Muirhead® Machine Interface Controller (MIC) was selected because of RCT’s comprehensive and extensive engineering and quality management capability.

This expertise has evolved over RCT’s 50-year history and enabled the company to deliver a MIC system that provides a cost effective, multi-generational solution which offers a level of standardisation across its diverse fleet.

The machine intervention technology interfaces directly with a truck’s systems (e.g. braking, hydraulic and electrical) and when directed can effect control of certain areas of the machine (e.g. engine throttle, transmission and hoist) if obstacles are detected in the truck’s path.

RCT’s MIC is designed to integrate with industry-leading Collision Avoidance Technologies, giving clients the flexibility to select a preferred vendor across their fleet or operations.

RCT’s Field Service Team commissioned the MIC across two of the mining company’s open cut operations in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

RCT Global Business Development Manager – Mining Ryan Noden said this is the first deployment of a Level 9 machine intervention technology across a large-scale mining fleet in Australia.

“The global mining company selected RCT for this project due to our proven history of delivering standardised interoperable technology across any make and model of mobile equipment,” Mr Noden said.“Our technology interfaced directly with a market-leading supplier of CAS and as a result the mining company is experiencing improved operations across their mixed fleet including Cat 793Ds, 785Ds, 777Ds; and Komatsu 830Es; and Liebherr T264s.”.“This solution ensures the safety of site personnel in proximity to the haulage fleet and eliminates damage to the fleet.” “In addition to developing cutting-edge technology we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive service and technical support to our mining clients which empowers them to maximise mining operations at all times.”

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