Machine Data Gateway
Unlock data from any machine, anywhere

RCT’s Machine Data Gateway (MDG) is a unique, state-of-the-art device that unlocks, gathers and collates a broad range of data to a singular cloud-based data lake.

Businesses from any industry worldwide can significantly optimise their operations as the MDG will unify access to all forms of raw data being produced by the fleet.

The raw data can be collected across all machines such as trucks, loaders, rock breakers and light vehicles – regardless of age, make or model.


The challenge has always been the collection of the broad spectrum of data being generated by machines. This is now no longer the case with the MDG system. It collates all the data from multiple sources to a single location, in which RCT can harness and deliver this raw data in several ways such as site server and API.

The raw data retrieved and prepared by the MDG is the all-important first step in the data processing cycle. Once stored, operations can leverage on this and have endless choices available to analyse data by uploading to its own business analytics software for actionable insights and explore opportunities across all aspects of the machine operation.


The MDG creates its own meshed network, meaning it is ideal for applications where network communications between machines and cloud services are fragmented.

This means vital information is not missed at times where communications drop out on site. It is also equally suited to applications with more permanent network infrastructure in order to safeguard the retainment of important information for business analytics.

As the MDG collects, stores and transfers data between each piece of equipment, this minimises the need to install expensive communications infrastructures.


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) can ultimately decide what data customers are provided, whereas the MDG unlocks and provides full unrestricted access to all available data.

No matter what brand of machine fleet or third-party system your operation has, data is delivered in a consolidated format, facilitating a big picture view of how your operation is running to forecast and pinpoint bottlenecks.

Machine Data Gateway is a tool to provide the total freedom to access unlimited raw data. By processing the real-time raw data, businesses can get deeper insights to identify how to enhance fleet operations in the long term, and ultimately improve bottom lines.

Machine Data Gateway

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