Payload Management System
Attain the correct load for optimum performance.

The EarthTrack® Payload Management solution has been widely used in surface mining and can improve site efficiency by up to 13%.

Instant payload data is transmitted between the truck and loader – allowing the loader operator to see the truck’s weight so they can fill the optimal load.

Strut pressures from the truck send both ‘weight’ and ‘weight distribution’ to the loader – resulting in even and accurate payload. By ensuring proper payload, the stress on trucks is decreased which maximises machine life and limits unplanned downtime.

Utilising proven systems to help process data is becoming progressively important in providing real-time decision support and future projections for mining companies. Advanced data and analytics add real value to operations. The use of sensors improves data capture, and together with reporting, it allows for faster, more informed decisions to help streamline operations by removing inefficiencies.

  • All payload weights are displayed and stored
  • Records number of loads per truck and loader
  • Reports average loads per truck
  • Records average bucket weight per loader
  • Shows total dirt moved by truck and loader
  • Shows the total dirt moved by fleet
  • Greater productivity
  • Weight properly and safely distributed on truck every time
  • Prevent over loading and under loading
  • Increase Bank Cubic Meters moved per shift/per truck
  • Reduces machine stress, strut damage, tyre wear and fuel consumption
  • Preserve OEM weight-related warranty
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Payload Management

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