Enhance your heavy equipment performance with the AusproTec™ parts range

RCT’s extensive AusProTec™ range includes more than 2,500 electrical parts suitable for all heavy duty machinery including plugs, gauges, switches, alarms, lighting and camera systems.

Camera systems

The Maxi Vision range of heavy duty cameras are rated to operate in extremely harsh environments across the mining, civil and logistics industries. The cameras provide extremely clear, high resolution images to monitors mounted in the machine cab or remote operating centres.

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Battery isolators

The AusProTec™ range includes a wide variety of battery isolators available in 12v or 24v and for single or double pole for universal application. All the battery isolators are manufactured to the highest standards for use anywhere in the world and remove electrical charges to enable personnel to safely work on machines.

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Strobe and LED safety beacon

RCT’s extensive range of lighting solutions includes strobe lights and warning beacons to broad use across the mining and industrial sectors. The LED beacon is an extremely popular warning lamp and combines state-of the-art engineering which eliminates the need to replace globes or strobe tubes. The beacons are available in a range of colours, flash patterns and voltages to suit any application. RCT’s range of strobe lights are commonly used throughout the mining and industrial sectors to highlight hazards for personnel.

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Sensors and relays

The AusProTec™ product range of sensors and relays are high quality items that contribute to ensure any heavy vehicle fleet is running smoothly. RCT’s possesses a broad range of sensors and relays including Bosch, Hella, Fenwal, Nason, IFM Effector and Pepperal & Fuchs which can be prepared and despatched on short notice.

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Connectors, switches and instrumentation

Integral to any functioning machine are high quality components such as connectors, switches and various instruments. RCT supplies high quality products from reputable manufacturers including Deutsch, Cannon, Eaton and FW Murphy.

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Heavy duty lighting

RCT is proud of its broad range of heavy duty lighting products which are designed and built to operate in very harsh environments in the global mining and industrial markets. Currently the AusProtec™ LED lighting solutions are built in aluminium housing and available in multi voltage (9 – 48VDC~).

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Electrical tools and testing equipment

The AusProTec™ electrical tools and test equipment range are a vital part of managing your machine fleet and ensuring it is operating at full capacity. These devices can support products from leading manufacturers around the world as well as RCT’s own technology suite.

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Crimps, clamps and installation tools

Termination and insulation tooling are a central part to any electrical work and can be supplied by RCT. Whether its terminating an insulated terminal, Deutsch connector or a coaxial fitting we have the right tool for you. In addition to commonly found devices RCT has supplies its own unique RG8 stripping tool to ensure maximum performance throughout termination.

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