Electrical & Electronics

AusProTec™ products are designed to improve the performance of mobile and stationary equipment investments. The range comprises of more than 2500 products and includes everything from quality gauges, plugs, hydraulics and switches to alarm and rear vision camera systems. All of these specialised parts are supported by RCT’s technical team to further enhance job efficiency.

Key Product Categories

Camera Systems

AusProTec™’s Maxi Vision range of monitors and cameras has been specifically designed to operate in the harshest conditions. These systems relay a clear, high resolution image from mobile mining and industrial equipment. Conveniently available in kits, these camera systems are highly adaptable for all applications and vision requirements.

Battery Isolators

RCT has a wide selection of the most reliable and cost effective battery isolators and lock outs available on the market. These isolators are available in 12 or 24 volts and for single or double pole for universal application.

All are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure a safer working environment by removing electrical charges while personnel are working on machines. Numerous components are available to accompany the AusProTec™ range of battery isolators to further improve safety and security of the machine.

Strobe Lights & LED Beacons

The AusProTec™ range of warning lights are available in Strobe and Beacons to suit all purposes across the mining and industrial industries. The powerful and reliable range of LED Beacon is one of the most popular warning lamps on the market. They combine the latest in electronic design and state-of-the-art engineering technologies; eliminating the need to replace globes or strobe tubes making it a cost effective solution. They are available in a range of colours, flash patterns and voltages to suit all purposes. The AusProTec™ range of Strobe Lights are also a popular option and can be fitted on mining vehicles to act as warning lights; producing regular flashes of light to ensure safety in hazardous areas.

Sensors & Relays

The AusProTec™ range of sensors and relays have been specifically introduced to ensure the reliability of equipment. Boasting brands such as Bosch, Hella, Fenwal, Nason, IFM Effector and Pepperal & Fuchs, these high quality products will ensure equipment runs smoothly. Backed by strong technical support, this product range caters to all sensor and relay requirements.

Connectors, Switches & Instrumentation

The AusProTec™ range of connectors, switches and instrumentation includes the words best-known brands to ensure reliability and significantly minimise downtime of machinery. RCT supplies and supports high-end manufactures of these products which include Deutsch, Cannon, Eaton and FW Murphy – just to name a few.

Heavy Duty Lighting

The AusProTec™ range or heavy duty lighting solutions are built to withstand the harshest conditions, as the name suggests and are therefore suitable for a myriad of applications. These versatile LED lighting is built to exacting standards, with a tough aluminium housing. Available in multi voltage (9 – 48VDC~), these LED lighting solutions utilises state-of-the-art design and technology that is second to none.

Electrical Tools & Testing Equipment

The AusProTec™ range of Electrical Tooling and Test Equipment has been devised to insure that you have the best equipment on hand when required. Supporting products are purchased via the world’s leading manufacturer’s and also includes RCT manufactured items to support or customers in specific testing environments. With the technical support of a RCT expert, testing is now even easier.

Crimpers, Clamps & Installation Tools

RCT hold a large range of termination and installation tooling. From terminating an insulated terminal, Deutsch connector or a coaxial fitting, RCT has a large range of products to suit any situation at hand. In addition to this, RCT has also developed a range of products manufactured to our specification such as a unique RG8 stripping tool to ensure maximum performance throughout termination.

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