Fleet Management

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Empower fleet users to make informed decisions

RCT's Fleet Management systems deliver relevant, accurate machine data to enable fleet users and suppliers to ensure all machines operate at peak performance.

Data is conveniently displayed on an interactive dashboard which can be accessed via any smart device with internet access - anywhere, anytime!

The Fleet Management solution captures machine and operator performance data in real-time before being presented in intelligent reports that help improve overall fleet productivity.

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Guidance Automation

  • Automation Centre
  • Driverless Technology
  • Point-to-Point
  • G-Dash
  • Laser Guard
  • FMS (ready)

Guidance Expand

  • Select (multiple machine selection)
  • Control (multiple machine control)
  • AutoNav (multiple point to multiple point)
  • AutoDump (autonomous loading and dumping)
  • DigAssist (measure optimal bucket load)
  • G-Data (machine and production data)


Bring together all existing and new systems for a streamline solution.

Protection Systems

Protect equipment and people across operations..

Traffic Management

Optimise fleet operation across any site.

Fleet Management

Make informed decisions to manage fleet performance efficiently.


Network solutions to suit mine site's needs ranging from analogue to fully digitised.

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