Protection Systems

Muirhead® protection systems are RCT's foundation products. These devices were designed in close collaboration with the end-user to protect machines from operator abuse and ensure operator safety. However, it soon became apparent that the benefits gained from utilising these solutions extended to improving machine availability and operation; which in turn substantially increased machine
production and lifespan. This revelation drove RCT to refine these solutions, and as a result, they are now a pivotal force in managers reaching production targets.

Idle Timers

The Idle Timer was one of the first Muirhead® products developed in response to customers requiring solutions to ensure machines were able to cool down before they were shutdown to prevent engine and turbo damage.
Having the Idle Timer in place allows shutdown to be managed through a configurable setting; eliminating damage and significantly reducing costly unplanned downtime which results in increased production. Immediate gains in machine availability and production hours were experienced across fleets.
Idle Timers are easy-to-install and maintain and require no ongoing maintenance. The benefits of the Idle Timer far outweigh the small cost involved in introducing the product.
One client reported the elimination of turbo damage to its fleet of trucks following the installation of Idle Timers; saving them thousand of dollars in repairs.

Speed Limiters

The Muirhead® Speed Limiter has been a part of RCT’s Muirhead® range for 20 years, where it was only required to control the speed of machines to prevent accidents. However, the benefits extended to: greater fuel economy, reduced unplanned downtime, and extended life of all major machine components.
This small device is delivering big results in terms of productivity. In one case the Muirhead® Speed Limiter extended machine life by a further 2000 hours and reduced fuel usage by 40 per cent.
This device can be further enhanced with the use of a Zone Controller which will enable different speed settings for different zones on site to ensure a machine is travelling at the optimum speed at all times to further improve productivity.
The Muirhead® Speed Limiter is not restricted to just travelling speed, but can also limit engine speed.
The Muirhead® Engine Overspeed System is designed to prevent major component damage and reduce engine life. The solution will monitor and prevent overspeed by limiting or restricting engine RPM to below or at OEM specified levels.
The Overspeed Systems are universal in design to allow for installation across all machine types and brands.

Park Brake Interlocks

Entering and exiting large machines can be precarious due to numerous reasons beyond control, so RCT devised a solution to mitigate a risk it can control with the Park Brake Interlock.
This warning system reduces the risk of an accident resulting from a machine rolling when the park brake not been applied
correctly, to improve machine use helps to drive productivity gains and extends machine life.
Introducing the Park Brake Interlock has proven to improve site’s operating habits which, in turn has reduced machine damage.

Fatigue Monitoring

Operator fatigue has been identified as a major contributor of machine damage and reduced productivity. To address this issue,
RCT has developed a range of easy-to-use Fatigue Monitoring systems to help combat the problem without disrupting production or increasing the risk of accidents.
The systems come in two options; Reflex and Active to cater to different requirements. The Reflex Warning System monitors the time it takes for the operator to reset the warning once it goes off. If the system detects a slower reaction time, the warning will ensue more frequently.
The Active Fatigue Warning requires the operator to react when prompted, however this warning can be programmed to operate at times fatigue is most prevalent. For example, one site found that operators working between the hours of 10pm-3am were most prone to fatigue. Upon implementation of the system, the user noticed a considerable decrease in operator fatigue and accidents.

Incline Controllers

Machine roll overs on site are all too prevalent and results in costly and significant disruptions that interfere with productivity on site.
RCT’s Incline Controllers assist operators in combating the issue; empowering them with the information on their operating conditions and machine position, allowing them to make better decisions.
Although Incline Controllers can be equipped to any mobile machine they are particularly sought after for use on bulldozers, which often work on steep incline and operate at critical angles.

Engine Protection

Engine damage is costly and disrupts production for extended periods of time. To combat this and ensure long-term machine availability to maintain productivity, RCT designed the Muirhead® Engine Protection System (EPS) for heavy duty machines.
The Muirhead® EPS prevents engine damage if a fault was to arise. It has proven to be an industry leading product and as a result it is one of the most popular engine protection solutions available in the industry today.
This solution is programmable to three levels of protection in addition to being able to lockout operation in order to prevent catastrophic engine failure.
The kits can be configured to suit all machine types and brands; regardless of the size of machines. Muirhead® EPS should be included on all mining machines to prolong engine life increase productivity levels.

Fuel Lockouts

Safeguard operators during refuelling to prevent incidents such as driving off with the fuel nozzle still attached by ensuring the machine remains locked out, in a safe state for the duration of the daily task.
RCT’s Fuel Lockouts are suitable across all machine types and brands and has proven to improve machine availability and operating practices.
Clients already utilising the Fuel Lockouts have eliminated damage to refuelling bays. This has saved companies in both repairs and downtime costs associated with operators driving off with the nozzle attached.

Tray Lockouts

A haul truck is the critical link in the surface mining process in determining if production tons are met. Being able to prevent avoidable accidents and damage to these machines can ensure productivity targets are continually met.
Damage to a haul truck’s tray is the most common occurrence, particularly with oversized or modified trays. To prevent this damage, RCT has designed Tray Lockout solutions to alert the operator or inhibit the tray from rising in a situation that could result in damage. These devices are now widely used to accommodate the increase in custom trays being installed on haul trucks to assist in increasing production rates.
Tray Lockouts are simple to install and maintain and configurable; delivering peace of mind to mining managers.

Throttle Limiters

Safeguarding machines operating in extreme weather conditions is critical as an engine’s RPM is raised too fast when a machine in started in cold conditions. This causes excessive stress on the machine as the oils and lubricants don’t have enough time to spread throughout the engine.
To prevent this from occurring, RCT has developed the Throttle Limiter to restrict the RPM for a pre-set amount of time, or when the engine temperature reaches an acceptable level. The system prevents the engine from experiencing unnecessary stress on cold starts to extend machine life and increase productivity.
Kits are programmable to suit all operating conditions, are simple to install and easy to maintain.

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