Service and Maintenance

RCT can service its ControlMaster® Remote Control systems and other proprietary products to ensure it meets RCT Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards at all times. The company's Australia-wide servicing and ever-expanding global service network, is aimed to provide local support to clients at all times.

RCT provides fleet servicing, including repair, maintenance and installation services of remote control systems and electrical items and equipment for all equipment installed with RCT OEM proprietary products, including ControlMaster®, Muirhead®, EarthTrack® and AusProTec™.


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Research and Innovation

RCT utilises the technical insight of some of the best minds in the world to create highly specialised technology. Our Proof of Concepts Works (PoC Works) is a team dedicated to driving innovation in the company.

With a culture of integrity, team-work and core values that reflect RCT’s commitment to performance, the PoC Works team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible to further develop the future of our Smart Technology.



Site Audits and Consultation

As an industry pioneer in the field of control and automation technology, RCT offers expert advice on the best remote solution to suit any operation. RCT can perform site audits, such as risk assessments and safety analysis to ensure the safest and most productive approach is taken in the operation and maintenance of remote equipment.

RCT provides smart technology advisory and consultancy services including feasibility studies and strategies to improve technology and optimise operations.

Customised Solutions

RCT Custom is a dedicated projects team that can tackle any challenge that defy's an off-the-shelf technological solution. Providing our clients with The Advantage of Smart Technology. Using RCT intelligence and proven experience in a truly collaborative effort; RCT Custom combines research and innovation to design, manufacture, install and provide training, to deliver an end-to-end solution.

The team endeavours to find an off-the-shelf solution that results in increased profitability, productivity and safety for clients. RCT Custom has the expertise and resources to resolve any challenge, regardless of the size or scope of the project.


Skills Training

RCT has a specialised Training team providing the training for safe operation, correct maintenance, and repair procedures to empower operators with the knowledge needed to be self-sufficient on site.

Supported by practical demonstrations, hands-on experience and animated presentations, these courses deliver relevant and interesting content; much of which is based on the experience of our technicians and designed to ensure maximum productivity and safety for our client.


  • Operator Training (RCT22002)


  • Basic Maintenance (RCT22004)
  • Guidance Calibration (RCT22005)


  • Communications Maintenance (RCT22006)


  • Advanced Maintenance (RCT22007)

Skills Training BrochureTraining Bookings Terms

Training Bookings

Skills training is available for small groups or an entire workforce, either on-site or off-site. Participants who successfully complete training receive a globally recognised certificate from RCT’s Certified Skills Training program.

To secure a place contact our Product Training Coordinator Xxxxx Xxxxx, or simply complete the form below.

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