Remote Dozer Solutions

Maximise production and safety through cutting edge technology.
Over 40 years of industry experience with more than 100 Dozers systems deployed worldwide.
Compatible to all Dozer types and models • Complete service and support package • Control options to suit all applications.



RCT are the proven leader in comfortable, reliable, light weight, Line-of-Sight Radio Remote Controls for all dozer applications.

Line-of-Sight & Telecontrol

The RCT Teleremote Trailer Cabin is designed to provide the operator with the ideal operating conditions.

Full Teleremote Control

For the greatest level of productivity and profit, the RCT Teleremote Control Room is configured to suit the dozer remote application.



RCT are the proven leader in comfortable, reliable, light weight, Line-of-Sight Radio Remote Controls for all dozer applications. With over 100 dozer Remote Systems in the field, RCT can integrate to any dozer anywhere in the world.

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase operator safety
  • Better performance through improved vision

All RCTs Line-of-Sight systems are supported by:

  • An expert engineering team, delivering the latest in design and performance
  • The highest standards of installation practice and quality
  • 5 levels of operator and service training
  • Extensive range of critical spare parts
  • Fully equipped field service and test kits
  • Global support

Universal Remote

The ATX2200 radio remote control device is the most universal remote on the market. Compatible to ANY make and model of dozer, the ATX2200 allows continuous operation for more productivity due to uninterrupted use while providing operators safety.

Graphical Display

  • Colour graphical display using international symbols
  • Machine event feedback both visual and audible
  • Battery level indicator and low level warning
  • Rugged display housing
  • Fully configurable functions through display

Quality Controls

  • Low profile solid state joysticks
  • Fully proportional
  • On/Off switch
  • Horn
  • Lights (front/rear)
  • Emergency stop
  • Park brake
  • Fire control switch
  • Ignition

Work Area

The ATX2200 allows dozer operators improved vision to improve operator efficiency and control, all carried out from a safe distance. Thus improving productivity and profit. Available for a huge range of applications such as stockpile management, earthworks around cliffs and unstable ground.

  • All components are tested to withstand machine vibration
  • All fully sealed and tested to IP65
  • Customised and off the shelf kits available
  • All components backed by critical spare parts
  • 3 months warranty on all installations

Continuous Operation

For uninterrupted remote operation, the ATX is fitted with a 16 hour continuous operation lithium ion battery. Global region power compatibility.

Line-of-Sight & Telecontrol


The RCT Teleremote Trailer Cabin is designed to provide the operator with the ideal operating conditions when remote controlling dozers. The cabins are portable to allow for ease of moving to different locations. The cabin is built for operator comfort and greater vision to ensure the greatest productivity and profit is achieved either by Line-of-Sight or Teleremote.

  • Portable controlled environment
  • Clear vision of work area
  • The operator is removed from hazardous elements such as noise, vibration and fumes
  • Less operator fatigue, greater productivity and safer working conditions
  • Fully configurable for Line of Site and Teleremote
  • For all dozer applications


The RCT Trailer Cabin is fitted with a heavy duty control chair with implement control joysticks. All functions are positioned to allow the operator unrestricted view and simple machine control.


With built-in climate control that maintains the cabin conditions ideal for continuous operation all year round, the RCT Trailer Cabin ensures the operator is protected from the outside elements and they are not subject to wind, hot and cold temperatures, rain, noise and dust.


With vision the most critical element of efficient dozer operation, the cabin is built with tinted laminated glass on three sides to allow for 270° view. Either by line of sight or from monitors fitted, the operator has greater vision to ensure the highest productivity.

Work Area

All work areas must be safe. To allow for a secure and safe operation, the area around the cabin is protected by the Laser Guard barrier system. The system ensures no unauthorised vehicle or person enters the area unknowingly. If this happens, the machine is isolated and control is removed from the remote control.

Full Teleremote Control


For the greatest level of productivity and profit, the RCT Teleremote Control Room is configured to suit the dozer remote application. The room can be either purpose built or can be fitted to an existing room on site. Teleremote control is carried out from the cabin, the vision is provided by heavy duty cameras located on the dozer and from fixed locations thus ensuring the highest level of vision is achieved. The Teleremote control room is the best in operator safety whilst delivering the highest level of productivity and profit.

  • Ultimate in dozer operations for productivity and safety
  • Absolute cutting edge vision technology
  • Control options for all operational situations
  • Fixed or mobile
  • Single or multiple
  • Optimum operating conditions
  • Fully supported and maintained

Fixed Control Station

  • Single or multiple operator stations
  • Powerful vision options
  • Greater operator comfort
  • Multiple TV screen dashboard
  • Climate controlled
  • Solid construction
  • Can be fixed or portable

Site Office

  • Ultimate in Remote dozer control option
  • Secure operating area
  • Continuous operation
  • Highest level of machine and operator safety
  • Purpose built for continuous operations
  • Cutting edge vision technology for all applications
  • Highest level of operator comfort for maximum productivity and safety

Mobile Control Unit

  • Mobility for flexibility for moving from location to location
  • Multiple operator stations
  • Greater vision options
  • Mine site specification to handle the harshest conditions

    Machine Exterior


    The operator actions are securely conveyed to the dozer, the RCT interface then allows the manufacturers existing equipment to perform the request instantly.

    RCTs heavy duty camera systems allows high definition, full colour imagery from the designated areas around the machine for optimal control.

    • Remote Receiver & Interface
    • Left Blade Camera
    • Right Blade Camera
    • Remote Antenna

    Machine Interior


    The Remote package is cleanly installed inside the cabin minimising exposure to extreme work environments.

    The Remote Selector control allow simple and fast changeover from Remote to on board operations.

    • Remote Receiver & Interface
    • Remote Selector Control

    Global Support

    64 Countries Worldwide

    RCT supports customers in over 64 countries worldwide.

    RCT is a full service company offering the complete safety and productivity package of skills training, parts supply, technical support and customer service support with all its proprietary products.

    RCT has a worldwide distributor and service agent network to supply parts, install and service its products.

    Branches & Offices

    Australian Service Providers

    International Service Providers



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