Mongolian Dozer Safety Solutions


Once more RCT provides outstanding customer service delivering its Remote Dozer safety solutions to the mining sector, this time at the Oyu Tolgoi mine site.

In July 2012 Remote Control Technologies Pty Ltd's (RCT) visited Oyu Tolgoi mine site, located Southern Mongolia around 80 kilometers north of Mongolia's Chinese border, to install and commission 3 CM2000D Remote Control systems onto 3 Komatsu D475A dozers then provided product skills training for operators, trainers and maintenance personnel at the mine.

RCT was approached by the customer's engineers who wanted a solution for the safety of Dozers operators who had the dangers task of pushing the material into stock pile crushers. There is a constant risk the Dozer with operator can fall into the crusher.

The Solution was to Remote Control the Dozers doing this work, taking the operator from the Dozer to a safe position. Control Master CM2000D Remote Control Systems where installed into the new dozers, the Line of Sight system allows the operator to control the Dozer from a safe distance, away from danger with greater overall visibility.

Control Master Level 1 Safe Operating Procedures Training and Level 2 Safe Testing and Maintenance Procedures Training for service people were conducted onsite with operators. A translator was provided to facilitate the communication between trainers and operators. Once the system had been installed onto the Dozer, the operators where given a test area to work the remote control Dozers to develop their experience.

RCT has a strong team able to design, manufacture, supply, install and commission the world's best Remote Control and Automation solutions anywhere.

The project was a great success and a new market breakthrough for Remote Control Technologies.

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