Avebury launches into the future with RCT’s Automation


The Avebury nickel sulphide project has come out of care and maintenance after 10 long years and has stepped into the future of mining with the help of RCT.

The Mallee-owned nickel sulphide project has empowered the site by installing RCT’s Digital Automation on three of its Sandvik 517i Loaders on site. Together with the deployment of two Automation Stations; removing operators from the cab of the machine and into an ergonomic and safe environment.

This technology will catapult the site into the future increasing productivity and safety and transforming the operator’s mining experience for the better.

“RCT was chosen for the project due to numerous reasons including our ability to install solutions on any brand of machine, fast set-up time, and ability to deliver fast,” said RCT’s Account Manager, Wayne Carrington.

The site’s goal is to run on 100 per cent electric underground and in doing so effectively run a mine of the future.

Avebury has one of the two Automation Centres operating from surface so operators can control machines without having to go underground.

“This dramatically reduces shift changeover time, ensure operator safety further and drive productivity,” said Mr Carrington.

RCT’s state-of-the-art solutions have been in operation at the site for many months and already the site has seen a productivity increase.

The Avebury site has basically started from scratch in terms of beginning to mine the site again.

“We don’t get very many new mines into the fold, so it was great to be able to supply them

with the best of our technology to start their mining journey,” said Mr Carrington.

“RCT technology is agile, and they can use it for many years to come,” he said.

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