RCT tech secures tailings dam operations


A well-known mine in New South Wales now operates an autonomous dozer fleet safely and efficiently thanks to the deployment of RCT’s latest solutions.

The technology empowers equipment operators to stand at a safe vantage point overlooking the work zone and direct the dozer fleet to maintain a tailings dam wall on site.

The project means the autonomous dozers can push the top of the tailings dam wall and work close to edges in a way that was impossible to achieve safely with operators in the machine’s cab.

Mine management selected RCT’s ControlMaster® solution over global OEM tenders due to the technology’s ability to be repurposed to other mining equipment based on changing fleet demands in the future.

RCT’s Customer Service team recently mobilised to the site and commissioned ControlMaster® onto two Cat D8T dozers and are continuing to support the site on an ongoing basis.

RCT Account Manager Wayne Carrington said the project is just the latest in a successful business relationship with the mine which stretches back many years.

“We are very pleased to provide the site with fit-for-purpose technology which safeguards their personnel while enabling them to complete vital works,” he said.

“The feedback from site has been very positive with the operators loving the functionality of the solution and management is reporting that they are meeting their targets.”

“The ControlMaster® technology is vital to the success of this tailings dam project but in the future, the solution can easily be integrated with any other piece of mining equipment and provide additional benefits to the mine.”

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