RCT transforms mud scroller industry!


Operations are now more efficient and safer for a Western Australia-based Earth Moving team thanks to the deployment of a ControlMaster® remote-controlled technology package to an Amphiroll Mud Scroller.

The mud scroller, used to aerate the caustic mud of the tailings pond to dry it out, was previously a manual operation requiring two machines operating at one time for personnel safety reasons.

The ControlMaster® Line-of-Sight solution has removed the operator from the cabin and allows them to control the machine from up to 200M line of sight. This custom one-off kit was designed, supplied, and installed by both the Perth Customer Service and RCT Custom team, the company’s designated bespoke solutions department.

“This solution removes operators from any potential danger that could arise from them physically being out on a tailings pond and allows them to instead carry out the task from the safety of a light vehicle located nearby,” said RCT’s Account Manager, Phill Dean.

The introduction of this technology has also dramatically changed how the Mud Scroller is transported to various sites.

“Previously amphirolls were twice the size requiring oversize movement permits and weighed about 18 tonnes so moving this piece of machinery required large multi-lift crane operation.” he said.

“Now, the logistics of moving the small unit is easier and only requires a large tile tray and this in itself reduces mobilisation costs substantially.”

As well as deploying the ControlMaster® technology. RCT designed, manufactured, and installed the EarthTrack® custom dashboard.

“This dashboard was designed to display all the integral information in an easy-to-read format. It will let the operator know the pump pressures, engine temps, fuel level and an overall live health report,” he said.

The new and improved mud scroller remote solution was deployed at the beginning of the year in trials and is being used today with great success to value add to their long-term clients.

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