Guidance Solution for Increased Efficiency of Moving Ore

Case Study


RCT’s client, an Australian mining operation, wanted to improve their operation with less machine downtime and increased efficiency of moving ore.

The installation of RCT’s ControlMaster® Guidance solution allowed the client to meet these requirements.

With loss in production from machine damage, the client wanted to improve their operations to ensure more availability of machinery to meet production targets.

Existing processes did not allow adequate time for the correct servicing of the machines, putting operators and maintenance personnel under pressure to deliver effective performance. Consequently, the machines were not operating at their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specified levels. The changes that were required to these processes were identified and addressed by RCT.


The Guidance technology prevented machine impact against walls while enabling the machines to travel faster in both forwards and reverse gear along the tramway. This resulted in more tonnes being moved as well as preventing machine damage and increasing productivity.

Along with the installation of the Guidance solution, the mine staff were provided training and assistance to better understand remote systems. Extensive training was provided by RCT onsite, and ensured employees were fully versed in operating the newly installed ControlMaster® Guidance solution.


The mining operation has provided very positive feedback as the capabilities of the Guidance system have been realised. Their understanding and trust of the system is growing by the day. Operators have expressed ease-of-use experience, which is resulting in reduced fatigue, and allowing for greater productivity, greater safety and greater profitability.


The operation has changed mindset dramatically in a short period of time with realisation of the capabilities of RCT’s Guidance system, availability of the LHD’s and tonnes that can be moved. Crews are seeing the ease of use, reduced fatigue and greater productivity is real.”

  • Mine Shift Manager

"The mine is very happy with the product and support they’ve received from RCT. I received positive comments (and literally one pat on the back) over the fact that I extended my trip twice for further training of the Guidance system, as I wanted to ensure that we delivered results, not just promises.”

  • Dan Peake, Guidance Product Specialist

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