Transport Remotes

Streamline operations to improve productivity and safety with RCT's radio remote controls in the Transport industry. Reduce human error to increase accuracy when loading and unloading cargo.

Hand held remotes

Minimalistic yet sturdy, lightweight and easy-to-use across all transport applications to perform simple tasks in a safe and productive manner.

RCT's CM1000 series remotes increase the safety and productivity of mobile and fixed plant machinery.

Available in 6 and 12 functions as well as 6 functions with 2 proportional paddles, the CM1000 range can tackle numerous tasks, however outputs can be increased if additional control is required.

Pendant remotes

Ideal for bigger applications, the light weight and easy-to-use Pendant Remotes are built to withstand the harshest conditions.

ControlMaster® radio remote control devices are ideal for the more complex mobile machinery and applications.

Compatible with ANY make and model of mobile equipment, these devices allow for continuous operation resulting in increased productivity while ensuring operator safety.

Why remote control?

Transport is a competitive and dynamic industry. By retrofitting existing machines with RCT's advanced remote control systems, contractors can secure the competitive edge!

Operators can remotely control transport equipment from a safe distance, boosting confidence and in turn productivity resulting in increased equipment billable hours.

A high degree of accuracy is required when lifting cargo on the back of transporters to ensure all cargo is correctly on the truck. When done manually, this process can be lengthy and there is the possibility of human error.
Equipping a cargo transporter with a remote control allows cargo to be lifted on and off a truck in a safe, precise and consistent manner while reducing the number of operators required for each lift.

Allows operators to remotely control machines while providing a safer working environment.
Reduces operator fatigue
Improves operator safety in high risk working conditions
Prevents repetitive stress injuries
Control options

The CM1000 remote is the most reliable and safest handheld remote in the market. It is built to meet global remote control requirements and
has the highest safety standards. It is designed with six or twelve functions or two proportional paddles and six digital functions for additional control.


Built for Line-of-Sight operation only, the ATX1000 can be supplied into all regions globally, and used on all mobile machines – regardless of type, brand, and year. The ATX1000 has all the same rugged design features as the ATX2200.


Uses the same proven operating system as the ControlMaster® ATX’s and packages it into our smallest and lightest remote control option – weighing in at less than 2kg! The MTX is ideal for short-term Line-of-Sight applications, and is suitable for all mobile machines in industrial applications, and is suitable for all industrial applications globally for mobile machines.


Removes the operator from the hazardous area and relocates them to a secure and protected location where they can control the machine via remote with the help of multiple cameras and sensors.
RCT understands that every site is different; therefore we have multiple options for relocating operators to a safe location to ensure we can meet site’s specific needs.

Control Centres - Trailer Cabins - Mobile Stations

RCT Custom

RCT has deployed its Automation and Control systems to numerous industries around the globe! Our specialist bespoke department ensures RCT's latest technologies can be integrated on all applications.

The team is dedicated to helping client's increase profitability, productivity and safety; drawing on a wealth of resources and expertise to solve any problem, regardless of size or scope of the project.

Our Experience

RCT has established itself as a global leader in remote control applications through its commitment to the engineering, deployment and after-sales support provided for all of its solutions. The company's ControlMaster® systems have been successfully deployed to clients around the globe.

"The automation of repetitive, planned tasks, by means of Smart Technology, removes the guesswork from processes and provides operational and production certainty and predictability. In terms of budget planning and forecasting – this is what any CEO or CFO likes to hear."

  • Project Manager - Australia, NSW.

RCT is a full-service company offering the complete safety and productivity package of skills training, parts supply, technical and customer service support with all its proprietary products.

  • An expert team of engineers
  • The highest standards of installation practice and quality
  • 5 levels of operator and service training
  • Extensive range of critical spare parts
  • Fully-equipped field service and test kits
  • Global support
  • Ensuring a safe operation
  • Carrying out correct maintenance
  • Repair procedures
  • 5 levels of training available, service and operating
  • Comprehensive offering to ensure optimum levels of machine efficiency
  • Test and service kits for self-management
  • Critical spare parts
  • Customer service personnel strategically located for fast response
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