EarthTrack® Payload Management

The Payload Management solution has been widely used in surface mining for the past 20 years; proving to improve site efficiency by up to 13%. The solution delivers instant feedback to the loading machine operator, ensuring they attain the correct load for optimum performance.

The solution can now capture the data for downloading and entering into onsite reporting programs to produce production information, including: total weights, average weights and number of loads across all fleets.

  • All Payload weights displayed and stored
  • Reports average loads per truck
  • Shows total dirt moved by truck
  • Results in greater productivity
  • Payload is stored under fleet number
  • Records average bucket weight per loader
  • Shows the total dirt moved by fleet
  • Reduces machine stress
  • Records number of loads per truck and loader
  • Tallies the amount of dirt moved by loader
  • Results in improved operator efficiency

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