Teleremote Upgrade to Boost Iron Ore Mine Productivity

March 21, 2016

A Western Australian iron ore mining project that had implemented RCT’s ControlMaster® Line-of-Sight on two D11T Cat® dozers have now upgraded and converted the dozers to the ControlMaster® Teleremote.

The overall success of Line-of-Sight operation during the early stages of the mining project prompted the upgrade.

The upgrade to the ControlMaster® Teleremote operation will boost safety as it will eliminate the risks operators would be exposed to at the course ore stockpile and processing plant. In addition, an increase in productivity is expected with the increased safety measures.

The primary advantage of Teleremote is having multiple views (via PTZ cameras) of the operation. This enables operators to be more efficient during their shifts and to make better decisions.

RCT custom built 2x Teleremote operator platforms – and the benefits include:

  • Maximum operator safety – as they operate from a control room, away from hazardous environment
  • Remote control operation of dozers via joysticks and in the comfort of a cushioned chair – reducing strain and fatigue
  • Decreased downtime during shift changes, as Teleremote allows for quick and effortless shift change
  • Future application of monitoring and control from an off-site remote operations centre

Stay tuned for more on this project.