Remote Control Technologies Announces Agreement With MINEARC


An agreement between two global leaders in their respective markets; Remote Control Technologies (RCT) and MineARC Systems has been set to provide to customers a new range of products designed for the hard rock underground mining industry.

MineARC Systems are specialised in the manufacture and supply of emergency safe-refuge chambers to the underground mining industry, which was the perfect match of solutions with RCT's expertise on the manufacturer of Remote and Teleremote Control Systems. Signing a dual collaboration agreement, RCT and MineARC's purpose is to provide customers with combined products which enrich the technology solutions from both companies.

The combined solution will allow clients to acquire RCT's Control Master Teleremote Control Station installed inside a MineARC HRM refuge. A MineARC HRM refuge chamber will be manufactured with a special internal fit out which permits the installation of RCT's custom designed Teleremote Control Systems.

This initiative allows the underground machine operator to use RCT's Control Master Teleremote Systems whilst inside a MineARC HRM refuge chamber. This partnership has been carefully studied to design and manufacture an ultimate solution improving both groups of technologies, and is ideal for the underground mining industry in Australia and worldwide.

Customers will have the benefit of purchase just one structure reducing costs significantly; also the combined solution can be shipped directly to the mine. In addition Teleremote Control operators have direct access to essential life support and emergency systems if required during an emergency; the environment is spacious, clean, air-conditioned, and safe.

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