RCT opens new branch


Australian mining technology supplier Remote Control Technologies has opened a new Queensland branch office, in Brisbane, continuing the build-up in regional support for its world-leading products.

The company, which manufactures and supplies mobile mining equipment remote control, guidance and safety systems, also recently established a branch presence in South Africa. RCT, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, has other regional Australian branches in Kalgoorlie, WA; Mount Isa in Queensland; and Melbourne, Victoria.

A spokesperson for RCT said the Brisbane branch office increased the company's customer support capacity on Australia's east coast.

"We are committed to improving our level of service and support for customers in this and other regions," he said.

"This is our promise to deliver the best systems, products and customer service in Australia and around the world.

"The Brisbane branch office provides a more efficient service to RCT's customers in Queensland and surrounding regions, providing a local presence in customer service management, personnel and parts. RCT has strategically located field service technicians in specific mining locations down the east coast to provide an improved level of support."

RCT commercial executive Noel Northcott said the company was seeing strong growth in its core markets as it entered its 40th year of operations.

"We are enjoying good, steady growth in the business at the moment," he said.

"One of the key aspects of our mining product offering is that, with the Control Master suite of products - the remote, tele-remote and the guidance systems - we are in a position to provide the industry with the different levels of mobile equipment automation it is currently seeking. Some mines are opting for higher levels of automation than others and there is a small market where full automation makes a lot of sense. But full automation is not for everybody.

"We are working with a number of customers to implement equipment semi-automation projects. At the same time have a roadmap to get to full automation as well.

"The really important thing with this type of technology is that the support is really the number one concern of customers, and I think that's where we are recognised as having an edge in the market."

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