RCT Invests in the future – apprenticeship & trainee Workshops


Apprenticeships and trainee workshops, plus programmed student visits, provide the skills and insights for the next generation of innovators.

The development of smart, safety and productivity solutions for mining and industrial application is what RCT is known for throughout Australia, and increasingly now, internationally.

While RCT provides a comprehensive, 5 level training programme to our Control Master customers around the world, to assist them in getting the most from their Remote, Teleremote and Guidance Solutions, the opportunity RCT provides for apprentices and students in terms of exposure to a range of disciplines within the Company, is perhaps less well known. RCT actively supports the development of new talent with the skills and expertise to provide a significant contribution to the business with further career opportunities.

On Wednesday 18th September, RCT hosted a group of Mechatronics students from the Central Institute of Technology in Perth, WA, making the time to show them the "real life" application of the theory they are learning.

Bob Muirhead, founder and MD of RCT, talked to the students about the Company and its development over the past 4 decades.

Two of the RCT team, Mechatronics Engineer from the Product Development Division, Marin Marin and Control Systems Engineer from the R&D Division, Alex Robertson, gave some insight into their roles, sharing their enthusiasm for the opportunities within the Company and their exposure to interesting innovations.

"RCT does everything from initial R&D, to product development, manufacturing and implementation", said RCT's Product Training Manager, James Wemm, "the students really benefit from exposure to the entire solution cycle at RCT. The day provides a good perspective as to how and where their skills can be applied."

Apart from creating intelligent automation solutions, the Company has also invested considerable time and energy in developing the talents of apprentices.

RCT's apprentice programme includes training as Electronics Technicians and/or Auto Electrical Technicians where participants gain skills in electrical and electronics, RF (radio), hydraulics and metal fabrication.

The opportunities for apprentices are limitless at RCT. Some early participants in the apprentice programme are still with the Company after completing their apprenticeships literally decades ago - one is now the Research and Development Manager for RCT while another is an Area Sales Manager Mining for WA, SA & NT.

Currently RCT has 15 apprentices in various roles in the company. They are rotated through a number of different areas of the company each year to ensure well rounded skills development and exposure to different aspects of the company. This provides a good foundation on which to build a career of interest and consequently, one that is enjoyable and successful.

A good example of one such apprentice is Anton Borcich who started in the manufacturing area of RCT, he then moved to stores before requesting to be taken on as an apprentice. During Anton's time as an Electronics Technician Apprentice he worked in the manufacturing department and later progressed on to become a member of the Product Support team where he was involved in project and product design. Not long after completing his apprenticeship Anton progressed on to customer service as a Field Service Technician where he has had the opportunity to travel internationally for projects and installations in Africa, Guatemala, Indonesia and other countries as required.

"Since joining RCT in their manufacturing division as a Junior Assembler in July 2000, I have developed a range of skills from Electronic Engineering to becoming a trainer and mentor, and also learnt a lot about good customer relations practices. I've been lucky enough to have travelled internationally for a number of project installs and enjoyed delivering onsite training to very diverse groups of personnel, none of this I would have believed possible, before joining RCT", said Anton.

"I firmly believe there is so much more opportunity in the development of autonomous systems for mining and industry in the future," said Bob Muirhead, "it is good to be able to share our expertise with the next generation of innovators, this will ensure continuous improvement of our current systems, developing safer operations that are more productive."

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