Teleremote Control Solutions for Alrosa

Case Study


Once more RCT provides outstanding customer service delivering its Automated Mining Solutions to the mining sector, this time at Alrosa's Udachny Open Pit Operations located in Siberia.

RCT was approached by Vostochnaya Technica, the Caterpillar dealer for that region of Russia to provide a solution for Alrosa which would increase the safety and productivity on the operation of four CAT 740B articulated trucks and a CAT 993K loader. The solution was required to protect and optimise the performance of both personnel and equipment which was compromised due to extreme environment conditions. These conditions included freezing temperatures, falls of rock during load, operator's fatigue and many others.

The solution, ControlMaster®'s CM2200 Teleremote Control System, was installed into the trucks and a loader, allowing the operator to control the machine from a safe position. The installation of an Operator Control Station allows operators to control the loader and trucks simultaneously from a safe and more productive environment, keeping the operator away from danger with greater overall visibility through RCT's Vision System.

In October 2013, RCT began the successful installation of the solution, while training was conducted onsite to upskill operators and maintenance personnel. The training, which included Level 1 - Safe Operating Procedures, Level 2 - Safe Testing Procedures, Level 3 - Teleremote Communication Systems, and Level 4 & 5 - Internal Programming/Testing & Internal Servicing Procedures, ensured the optimum utilisation of RCT's Teleremote Control Systems once commissioned.

RCT has a strong team able to design, manufacture, supply, install, commission and support the world's best remote control and automation solutions anywhere.

The project was a great success and a satisfying challenge for Remote Control Technologies.


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